Rosillos Mountain Ranch

Brewster County
Rosillos Mountain Ranch
25,000± Acres

The property is located in the Big Bend National Park in Brewster County. The property has 41 water troughs (some are covered), 21 springs (plus probably more), two solar pump wells, two active windmills, three electric pumps – one for domestic use and one as a transfer pump at headquarters. At least 10 game feeders/stands set in concrete at some of the water troughs, TV Satellite dish is rented and has 3 connections and a 4,200’ landing strip.

Some call it God’s Country, others say it’s the land that time forgot. Any way to look at it, you see Rosillos Mountain Ranch in Texas’ Big Bend (of the Rio Grande) as a majestic and silent panorama of nature’s beauty. First glance of the Ranch—which is tucked into the Big Bend National Park on three sides, might be a view of the Starr House, from Highway 385, inside the Park gate. On toward Ranch, the headquarters house comes into view.

Turning west onto a graveled road, through gates unlocked by a host, you find yourself driving on what appears to be a city highway, actually a 4200’ landing strip, to be used by the owners, their guests and for emergencies. Or perhaps you’ve come by private aircraft, then you can, with permission, use the landing strip, which runs east- to-west, not a traditional landing direction, and from downhill on the east, to uphill on the west. You land to the west, take off to the east. Don’t like your first landing approach? Well, you’d better, because there’s a mountain in the way, with no take-offs to the west.

Guests at Rosillos enjoy the majestic grandeur of the desert and mountains, beautiful rock formations, petrified giant trees, and unbelievably beautiful desert shrubs and wildflowers, blooming cactus, ocotillo, sweet-scented purple sage, bluebonnets, all the while knowing that the abundant though most times invisible wildlife is watching them and on occasion animal sightings occur. The stars at night are indeed big and bright, and silence reigns under them, save for the occasional coyote call, or scream of mating or defending animals.

Ready for the thrill of your life? Your owner may take you for a ride over a 40-mile hill that varies up to a 40-degree grade! Then there’s the high country, where roads come and go, and sometimes you can see a long way down, on your side of the vehicle. Beauty awaits your appreciation. The environment is a natural inspiration for intellectual improvement, with after-dark time for enjoying fellowship of fellow guests, and reading the material you brought, since there is no radio, unless you get up early in the morning, when the air waves signal through the night and the newspaper does not come near Rosillos.

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