2020 Products Prove Innovators at Arcus Hunting Never Rest!

Legendary Brands Continue to Expand Offerings, Giving Hunters an “Easy” Button

Covington, GA — Arcus Hunting has assembled leading brands in virtually every category designed to get the hunter closer to the harvest of a lifetime. This includes legendary brands like Tink’s® and Dead Down Wind™. What remains clear is that “legendary” does not give you the right to kick back and relax. All Arcus Hunting brands made 2020 the year for the “easy” button! Follow along in the story below to learn more:

Hunting begins well before the defined hunting season. Land and herd management are a crucial step in the hunting process.  Rack One hunting products are designed to draw deer in, give them the protein and nutrients they need, and keep them close with its proven year-round system. For 2020, hunters everywhere will have access to the Rack One Big Game Peanut Butter Bag and Bar, including the all-new Grape flavor! The powerful smell of PB&J will bring in wildlife all year long!

The field is ready, and the deer are near. Time to dial in that new bow before archery season. Obsession Bows introduces the all-new Evolution Series featuring it’s all new highly adjustable 4-Track cam system. Leading technology including rotating modules, high let-off, and increased tunability make the 2020 Obsession lineup perfect for all bowhunters!

A high-tech bow can only perform as good as the accessories on it.  Any friction or malfunction makes all your hard work null and void. Not with Trophy Taker. In 2020, cable-driven rest lovers can outfit their bow with the Xtreme Pro Lockup and Xtreme Pro Lockup Click. Easy to set up, easy to tune, precision machined never to fail, full containment ring so your arrow is always at the ready and guaranteed for life.

Deer are in the area. Bow is dialed in. Rest is locked and loaded. Just one problem. That 100-yard shot is just not an option. The “easy” button is nearly 50 years of proven results with Tink’s® hunting products. For 2020, bringing the deer within shooting range is as simple as hitting the power button. The PeeFuser Scent Diffuser takes Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Rut® formula and diffuses scent for 30 seconds every two minutes into the wind drawing your target buck close. Plus, Tink’s® new Buck Pucks provide a no-mess option to hang potent scent from a tree limb and lasts more than one week for multiple sits.

“If the wind would cooperate, the deer would be closer” says all hunters not using Dead Down Wind. In 2020, scent elimination includes your vehicle. The odors hunters bring in and out of their vehicle are ammunition for deer to high tail out of the area. The Dzone2Go Vehicle Ozone Generator will destroy odors using the car plug, powering on every 10 minutes, putting out 30mg/h of ozone and annihilating every scent in site. Dead Down Wind did not stop there. Bugs, especially mosquitoes, are often the hunter’s worst nightmare. Sprays on the market today work well but deter deer. The Dead Down Wind Insect Defense Spray uses natural cedar wood oil to combat mosquitoes, ticks and fleas without tipping off deer. Insect Defense Spray is deet free and safe for direct skin application.

The bow is drawn and time to put the buck on the ground. Final question remains, is your broadhead truly lethal? Ramcat Broadheads introduces the Diamonback Hybrid to deliver insanely accurate flight and a devastating blow on impact. Using a 7/8” fixed blade for initial cut and a pair of expanding 2+” mechanical blades, the entry wound and exit wound will leave nothing to chance.

Whether hunters are seeking “wall worthy” deer or meat for the freezer, the journey begins and ends with Arcus Hunting.

###Tink’s®, Dead Down Wind, Obsession Bows, Ramcat, Trophy Taker and Rack One is owned and operated by Arcus Hunting, an acquisition growth platform with a strong portfolio of leading brands in the hunting and outdoors category. For more information about these brands or products, please contact Arcus Hunting Public Relations at (800) 624-5988 or visit arcushunting.com.