Top Benefits of Shooting Suppressed

City, State (August 31, 2018) – Shooting suppressed is a growing movement with serious advantages for hunters and recreational shooters. Suppressors increase safety, extend shooting opportunities and ultimately make firearms more user and community friendly.

It’s no secret that firearms are loud, and shooting ranges within earshot of any residential or commercial establishment are not often accepted by the community. It does not matter if the range was established before the residences were constructed as new ordinances are often applied after the fact. Suppressors add a measure of silence, opening the door for more ranges to operate within urban environments. The ability to shoot quietly in a controlled environment within city limits opens the door to a larger shooting sports market.

Additionally, suppressors act as a personal safety measure by preventing hearing loss over time. They also increase accuracy by reducing the flinch factor in shooters. The reduced recoil and audible bang calms the shooter, allowing for a more stable and focused shot.

Suppressors are growing in popularity among hunters as well. Hunting with a suppressor is legal in the majority of states (check your regulations before hunting with one). Hunters spook less game while having shot opportunities closer to the edge of populated areas. Other hunters are less likely to pinpoint your location as are predators, like grizzly bears, that actively pursue game harvested by hunters.

Key Suppressor Benefits:

  • Sound reduction protects hearing
  • Less noise is community friendly
  • Reduced recoil for more stable shooting
  • Expands shooting opportunities and location potential for urban ranges

Silent Legion Suppressors: Guaranteed for Life

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