$5 Rebate on ALL TRUGLO TITANIUM X™ Broadheads

$5 Rebate on ALL TRUGLO TITANIUM X™ Broadheads

Precision Titanium Broadheads at an Affordable Price

TRUGLO, Inc. is kicking off the 2018 archery season with an extended rebate offer on the company’s exciting new line of TITANIUM X broadheads. Between July 1 and October 31, bowhunters can receive a $5 mail-in rebate on any pack of TRUGLO TITANIUM X broadheads (limit one redemption per model, per household).

The TITANIUM X broadhead line has eight different models, including fixed-blade heads, crossbow-specific heads, and the new BackFlip™ series of reverse-opening mechanical heads. With this variety, archers can utilize their favorite style of broadhead, now backed with the strength and reliability of Titanium X. All are built with grade-5 titanium ferrules for dimensional consistency, high strength, and durability that provides long-lasting accuracy. Every pack of broadheads is tested to ensure consistent weight, spin balance, and maximum sharpness. The replaceable blades are made from a high-quality surgical stainless steel, so out-of-the-pack sharpness is guaranteed. Each 3-pack of TRUGLO TITANIUM X broadheads includes a set of replacement blades and an installation wrench.

“Tougher metal makes a better broadhead,” said TRUGLO marketing manager Pliny Gale, “and with this offer, customers are getting premium Titanium broadheads at the price of steel or aluminum.” Titanium X broadheads have been used to efficiently take game animals of all sizes and are legal for large game in all states.

The $5 TRUGLO TITANIUM X broadhead rebate offer begins July 1, 2018 and runs through October 31, 2018. The mail-in rebate is applicable to all TITANIUM X broadhead 3-packs (excluding replacement blade packs). For more information about this program, including the downloadable rebate form, visit titaniumxbroadheads.com.


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