5Point Film Looks Ahead To Expanded Flagship 5Point Film Festival 2020 With The Announcement Of The 5Point Film Fund Recipients

Carbondale, CO (September 4, 2019) – Colorado’s leading adventure film festival 5Point Adventure Film Festival today announces the recipients of the 2019 5Point Film Fund while unveiling initial details for the  5Point Film Festival 2020, scheduled for April 22-26, 2020—which sees the expansion of 5Point Film’s flagship event into a five-day program for the very first time.

5Point Film is proud to be an industry leader with financial assistance for emerging filmmakers and thoughtful adventure stories through small monetary grants, mentorship, and a network of support. Over the last six years, 5Point has supported more than 15 film projects, many of which have gone on to win awards and tour in festivals all over the world. The two 2019 5Point Film Fund recipients are:

As Above, So Below by debut filmmaking team Chris Kalman, Craig Muderlak and Evan Phillips. This animated project is based on Kalman’s book of the same title, which explores the issues of sadness and grief in the world of climbing. In 2016, moved by the loss of an increasing number of friends to climbing accidents, Kalman began working on a book called As Above, So Below. The narrative touched a nerve: Kalman raised more than $12,000 from several hundred backers on Kickstarter to fund the printing of the book in 2017. In 2018, the novella was short-listed for the Mountain Fiction Award at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. It sold out of its first printing within six months of publication. After being so well-received by the community, Kalman teamed up with the book’s illustrator Muderlak, and musician Phillips (The Firn Line, Alaska Unsolved) to produce an animated short film adaptation of the book.  The team put together a teaser, and in the summer of 2019 brought on Camp 4 Collective’s Anson Fogel to help produce the film. www.aasbfilm.com

For anyone who has experienced death in climbing—whether the loss of a loved one, a spouse, a child, a parent, a friend, even a stranger they admired—this leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It is incongruous with the grief experienced. It leaves a void. According to the film’s website, the goal of this film is to try and fill that void: “To try and give the sadness and grief we experience a little more room to breathe. Hopefully, it can help change, augment, and deepen the way we as a community—and particularly the brands, the media outlets, the sponsors—create and hold space to talk about climbing grief.” The team aim to complete the film, the first film project each has been involved with, in time for release at 5Point Film Festival 2020.

Irakli’s Lantern, by Ben Page. The film explores the themes of elected isolation in a wild landscape. Page stumbled on the story of 78-year old Irakli Khvedaguridize of Tusheti, Georgia in a New York Times article which described a mountain region of where the entire population migrates each winter while Khvedaguridize, the regional doctor, chooses to stay behind. Page was also eager to capture on camera the scenery of the Caucasus mountains which are dotted with small villages and medieval stone watchtowers. Page felt Irakli’s story, while being highly individual, has also many parallels to modern life. “The motivations he has to stay behind in his village when all others have left center around the sense of belonging and a connection to a physical place – his village, and the surrounding mountains are his life, his stories are etched into the stone buildings and the hillsides,” said Page, describing the narrative. “The mental resolve it must take to go against the norm to pursue his idea of a ‘good’ life is striking, and, although an extreme example, Irakli teaches us that it is a worthwhile pursuit to slow down, to make connections in our immediate surroundings and to discover a place of belonging. As much as home is found in relationships, it is also found in a connection to a physical place.”

Page is a filmmaker concerned with exploring the ways in which adventure and the natural world shape people’s lives. From his own experiences cycling across the Canadian Arctic in Winter in ‘The Frozen Road’, to the unlikely story a Nepalese mountain biker in ‘RJ Ripper’ and an alternative bachelor party in ‘Can’t Ski Vegas’ Ben’s work treads the line between a fireside story and a cinematic journey. www.benpagefilms.com

“Nurturing the craft of filmmaking is at the very heart of our mission and we are so excited the 5Point Film Fund is able to champion two very different projects that each reflect the 5Point Film values and principles,” said Regna Jones, executive director of 5Point Film. “As Above, So Below captured our attention as a highly relevant story with a critical message evolving from book to film. Ben Page is an outstanding storyteller who made his debut at the 5Point Film festival with The Frozen Road, and it’s an honor to support his filmmaking career. We can’t wait to introduce both films to our audience at 5Point Film Festival 2020.”

The wildly popular sell-out event takes audiences through the lens on an emotional and thrilling journey of adventure and human storytelling through a compelling program of more than 50 short films, feature-length film programs, close-up conversation with expert panelists and special guests, curated adventure activities, plus a wide range of community festivities throughout Carbondale during the five days. Via the 5Point connects artists and filmmakers with opportunities to showcase their work, with outdoor industry funding, and to a network of creatives to form meaningful collaborations, a kind of support which is essential in finding, telling and sharing inspiring stories.

The full program is announced as tickets and festival passes go on sale, mid-March 2020.

For media requests including interviews with film directors or 5Point Film executive director, images and B-roll or any other information, please contact 5Point Film publicist, Sarah-Jane Johnson/ RoadMap: sarahjane@roadmapconsult.com

About 5Point Film

Established in 2007 by former owner of Climbing Magazine, Julie Kennedy, 5Point Film is on a mission to inspire adventure of all kinds, to connect generations through shared experience, to engage passion with a conscience, and to educate through film. Creating various events, including an annual four-day film festival in Carbondale, CO and several events across the country, 5Point Film continues to deliver a unique film experience by drawing in passionate athletes, artists, filmmakers, films, and the community around short documentary adventure films. 5Point also facilitates the 5Point Film Fund financial assistance program for filmmakers, and organizes the Dream Project, a student scholarship program for high school students.