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A Bowie Knife – A Popular Weapon for Survival

A Bowie Knife – A Popular Weapon for Survival

A bowie knife is not only popular in America but across the globe. James Black designed the bowie knife for Jim Bowie who became a great knife fighter and passed away at the Alamo. Jim Bowie took part in the Sand Bar fight in the year 1827.

Key Features of Bowie Knives

The length of the blade is mostly 8 inches plus and width is about 1.5 to 2 inches. The thickness is about ¼ inches. It comes with a fixed blade and a full tang. These frontier knives were used as a fighting knife and hence they were bigger in comparison to the trade knives.  The bowie knife is ideal for those looking for a survival weapon due to its robust feature. It can be used as an effective fighting knife. When you are outdoors in the woods and short of an axe, the bowie knife, acts as a saviour to chop through trees. As far as the appearance is concerned, it simply looks beautiful.

Benefits of Bowie Knives

The bowie knife is made of superior quality steel and known for its durability. It is versatile and be used in the form of a chopper to cut small trees. The knife is sturdy and batoning can be done easily. It is quite big and needs no additional hatchet. Most campers prefer full tang nowadays. However, in ancient days, swords were of hidden tang. The sword can withstand hidden tang, so does a knife.

Avoid Cheap Bowie Knives

Bowie knives are available in abundance in the market and some of them are pretty cheap. Cheap ones may attract you more but they are designed using poor quality stainless steel whereas the best bowie knives are made of carbon steel. These knives are primarily designed for chopping and if the blade goes blunt too fast, it can turn out to be dangerous. Although there is an option to sharpen them, the real problem lies in retaining the edge as it won’t remain sharp. There is wastage of time sharpening the knife and it can be quite frustrating. Besides poor quality steel, the hidden tang is not constructed well as welding a smaller tang onto a single piece of metal is cheaper than to go with the continuous chunk of tang.

Bowie Knife Handles

The bowie knife has handles with varied shapes and sizes. There are coffin handles, pistol handles and many more. You can choose the one that fits your needs. If you are looking for a good bowie knife to use it regularly, you simply need to pay up. There are cheaper ones available too, but it won’t do the job as effectively as it should. A good quality knife is made using a big piece of steel and hence it costs good money. The steel utilised in this knife is one single piece and fulfils all the requirements.

The Tip of the Blade

The tip comes with a clip point and a long tool. It is indeed a great choice for those looking for a knife for fighting purpose. The centre point of the blade is nicely rounded and it can be best used for skinning. The bowie knife comes with a leather sheath for protection of the user. It also keeps the blade in good condition. It can be carried comfortably without any room for danger.

Thus, a bowie knife is the best outdoor survival weapon. There are different patterns designed in the market to fulfil the specific requirements of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Go through the features and specifications before you make the purchase.

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