High-Quality Fall/Winter Mix Provides 100% Digestible Nutrition to Help Deer Thrive During Winter Months

Richmond, KY – Herd Evolution® has introduced its revolutionary year-round deer feeding system based on scientific findings that prove if you want to maximize genetic antler potential, you must feed the entire herd year-round the most nutritional and easily digestible feed possible. As part of the company’s proven program (and because a deer’s nutritional needs change with the season), Herd Evolution is proud to offer its 100% digestible Fall/Winter mix, for when deer adjust their systems for winter survival.

“After years of applying this concept to my own farm, I’ve seen first hand how the entire herd benefits from consuming the highest digestible intake of high-quality vitamins and minerals throughout the entire year,” said Doug “The Deer Professor” Roberts, ConQuest Scents Founder and Ambassador for Herd Evolution. “I’ve raised some of the largest award-winning whitetail in North America and feeding my deer the right nutrition year-round is vital to naturally designing premium whitetails,” he added.

Year-round feeding is only one piece of the program. Combine it with Herd Evolution’s nutritional feed scientifically crafted for optimum deer health, and you’re on your way to bigger better antlers. In fact, during the many years the company studied deer eating habits, they discovered that with other attractant products on the market, deer are actually only digesting a minimal amount of nutrients. Herd Evolution worked hard to ensure its feed is 100% digestible and contains only the highest quality ingredients like: dried molasses, cracked corn (whole corn is difficult to digest) and the perfect blend of proteins, vitamins and minerals. This means that Herd Evolution not only provides the highest level of nutrition deer need, but they are digesting 100% of the nutrients for a lifetime of optimal health and ideal weight.

Herd Evolution’s Fall/Winter Mix is comprised of 14% protein, incorporating a blend of the highest digestible intake of vitamins and nutrients that supply the energy deer need to not just survive, but thrive during tough winter months. The program also identifies that a deer’s protein and energy level requirements change at different times of the year which is why the company also offers its Spring/Summer Mix, consisting of 20% protein blended with the highest digestible intake of vitamins and nutrients for maximum growth when less energy is necessary to survive.

MSRP for the Fall/Winter Mix starts at $19.99 for a 20lb bag. Discounted bulk rates are also available.

About Herd Evolution®
Herd Evolution® is a premium year-round deer-feeding program scientifically formulated for optimal herd health and maximum genetic antler potential. Created by hunters for hunters, the program was created to not just attract deer, but attract and provide nutrition for a healthy herd. The feeding program was first created and used by ConQuest™ Scents founder Doug “The Deer Professor” Roberts, who through this system, has raised some of the largest whitetail deer in North America. Roberts continues to work with Herd Evolution to bring his year-round feeding program to hunters across the country.