Aclim8 releases COMBAR, a military-grade multi-tool system for outdoor enthusiasts

Aclim8 releases COMBAR, a military-grade multi-tool system for outdoor enthusiasts

Aclim8 Inc. announced the release of COMBAR, a heavy-duty multi-tool set in one grip. Designed by ex-special operations veterans, COMBAR has an innovative rapid-activation design and meticulous safety mechanisms. It’s a revolutionary multi-tool for survivalists, hunters, first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement and military.

It was borne out of a quest to find the right combination of tools that could be easily carried and handle essential needs for outdoor adventures. The COMBAR PRO features five tools in one: a hammer, axe, spade, saw and knife … capable of cutting, sawing, chopping, hammering and digging. The basic COMBAR features three tools in one: a hammer, axe, and spade.

COMBAR was designed for the following outdoor activities: camping, fishing, hunting, off-roading, winter sports, trail sports, and wildlife viewing, as well as emergency preparedness and survivalist essentials.

Versatile and rugged, COMBAR offers the following features:

  • Heavy-duty: Made with aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium
  • Safety: State-of-the-art safety mechanisms for your protection
  • Lightweight: A toolset that weighs just 1.4 kilos / 2.8 lbs
  • Ergonomic: Feels even better than it looks with balanced weight for extended use
  • Designed for durability: Put through hundreds of field tests in extreme conditions
  • Lifetime warranty: A buy-it-for-life tool for decades of use

The COMBAR Pro and COMBAR Basic can be pre-ordered at starting at $339 with an expected ship date of December 2018. For more info, visit

About Aclim8

Aclim8 is a company that provides innovative outdoor solutions for the adventurous. The founders are comprised of outdoor aficionados … former special-ops soldiers in the IDF, but also family men that love what they do, and do what they love. For more info, visit: