Airborne Technology Generates Immediate Interest

Airborne Technology Generates Immediate Interest

Long-range vapor trail draws deer from all-over.

Grand Prairie, TX (August 2019) – Mean Greens is a proprietary feed supplement created by the engineers at Wildgame Innovations® to draw deer from all over to your desired location. 

Food plots have been the rage for a while now, and for those who can acquire the use of tractors, plows, and planters, they are a great tool. However, many hunters and land managers do not have access to expensive equipment or areas to grow plots. Mean Greens by Wildgame Innovations® provides a way to deliver the same nutrients without all of the equipment or space necessary for full-scale food plots.  

Mean Greens provides the same nutrient content of a food-plot in a bag! It’s packaged into one simple easy-to-use feeding solution. As soon as you disperse Mean Greens into the environment, the Airborne Technology™ is released and begins working immediately. The Airborne Technology starts sending strong scent trails out in every direction drawing the attention of all whitetail nearby. The proprietary formula, packed full of vitamins, nutrients and natural tasting powder that is easy to digest, supplements the diet of whitetail deer during the primary growing season when it is needed the most. The aroma and flavor keep them coming back for more. 

Manufactured in the United States, the year-round effectiveness is essential for providing feed to deer during the stressful postseason. The power of Mean Greens is evident in the drawing power and the massive antlers from those who have tested it. Available in a 5 lb. bag for $12.99, the Mean Greens feed is ready to use right out of the bag – no mixing required. 

Mean Green Features:

  • Power of a food plot ground into a nutrient-rich feed
  • Generates antler growth and improves overall herd health
  • Effective nationwide and year-round
  • Ready-to-use; no mixing required
  • Up to 600% more scent molecules than ordinary attractants
  • Airborne Technology™ creates a long-range scent vapor trail

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