All-New Caretaker Kick Out™ Sure to be a Knockout Hit with Hunters

All-New Caretaker Kick Out™ Sure to be a Knockout Hit with Hunters

Ameristep’s latest addition to their top-selling line of pop-up blinds helps sportsmen take care of business.

Plano, IL (April 30, 2019) – Smart hunters don’t sit back and wait for that trophy buck to merely show up and hope it walks close enough for a sure shot, they put themselves in position to make that shot happen. The terrain doesn’t always cooperate and a hunter often needs help to remain hidden in order to get in the best location. With Ameristep’s new Caretaker Kick Out™ portable ground blind, setting up near bedding areas, along with travel corridors or on the edge of a prime feeding spot is quick, easy and tilts the odds in the sportsman’s favor.

With Ameristep ground blinds, such as the Caretaker Kick Out™, a hunter can easily tote the blind any distance and set up in mere minutes, adding concealment and comfort to their sit on the stand. This feature-rich blind makes hunting for an elusive trophy a cinch starting with one critical aspect to successfully hunting from a blind: avoiding hard edges or unnatural shapes like a square, common to many traditional pop-up blinds. With its unique natural shape on the top and sides and Realtree Edge™ camouflage, the Caretaker Kick Out™ easily blends into any surroundings.

The more natural shape with dual kick-outs not only aids in concealment but also adds to hunter comfort by providing ample room for gear, bags, calls and even an additional hunter or camera gear. The ample interior also makes it easy for archery hunters to draw a bow without bumping into the sides or rifle hunters to take aim without having to slide the gun out an open window.

For hunters wishing to open the screen windows, a silent single-hook design makes it easy for hunters to open and close them without creating game-spooking noise. At the same time, shots can be made easily through the screens without fear of altering an arrow’s trajectory thanks to the shoot-through mesh. Windows are optimized for both rifle and archery hunters offering an ample view of the surroundings and eliminating blind spots.

When it’s time to go or move the blind, take down is as easy as setup thanks to the tension-relief zipper design that aids the locking hubs for a faster assembly and disassembly. The 15-pound blind folds compactly from its 65-inch by 65-inch footprint. The Ameristep Care Taker KO™ ground blind is sure to be a favorite for hunters looking to find the ultimate in success every time they take to the field.

Ameristep Caretaker Kick Out™ Ground Blind Features

  • Natural silhouette blends into surroundings better than square blinds
  • Patented dual-floor kick-outs creates more interior space for equipment, bags, people, and movement
  • Tension-relief zipper design aids in making setup and take down easier and faster
  • Shoot-through mesh windows maximize concealment without hindering trajectory of a shot
  • Single-hook window design allows windows to be opened and closed silently
  • Heavy-duty fabric shell holds up to the elements and helps conceal odors
  • Interior space provides ample room for two hunters or a hunter and camera gear
  • Realtree Edge™ camouflage exterior aids in concealment with the natural environment

Ameristep Caretaker Kick Out™ Ground Blind Specifications

  • Model # AMEBL3016
  • Realtree Edge™ camo
  • Footprint: 65″ x 55″
  • Shooting Width: 69″
  • Height: 66″
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • MSRP: $119.99