ALPS OutdoorZ “Save the Lifestyle” Mentor Pledge Jumps in 2021

NEW HAVEN, Mo. – ALPS OutdoorZ, premiere manufacturer of extreme-duty hunting packs and gear for hunters, is pleased to announce the continuing success of the company’s “Save the Lifestyle” initiative and Hunter Mentor program in cooperation with conservation organization partners Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever.

Since 2020, Save the Lifestyle has enjoyed a 78% increase in participation among avid hunters who have pledged to engage in the mentoring of first-time youth and adult hunters. Further, the year-over-year numbers show an increase of female hunting mentors, underscoring the trend of more women participating in shooting and hunting activities.

ALPS OutdoorZ launched the Save the Lifestyle initiative to support and encourage experienced hunters to expose prospective new hunters to the outdoor lifestyle and to mentor those who wish to learn about hunting so that they may fully embrace the lifestyle and also pass it on to others. Bringing new hunters into the outdoor community is vital for the continued health of our wild lands and the animals that depend on them because shooting sports enthusiasts are the key financial supporters of habitat and game conservation efforts throughout the country.

“Most sportsmen and women had somebody introduce them to the hunting community and unfortunately there are thousands of other interested people who would love to experience wild places and learn outdoor skills, but they don’t have access to quality mentors,” said Colby Kerber PF and QF’s Hunting Heritage Program Manager.

“It is the friendships and family bonds created through outdoor experiences that build lasting memories and strengthen our communities,” added Adam Brune, ALPS Product Design Manager. “Hunting supports habitat conservation and recreational access. I encourage all hunters to share their love of the outdoors with someone new in order to keep our hunting heritage strong for years to come.”

Participation in the ALPS OutdoorZ, Pheasants Forever, and Quail Forever Save the Lifestyle Mentor Pledge program for the fiscal year 2021 included 577 submissions, and covers participants from 46 states as well as Canada.

To learn more about the Save the Lifestyle Mentor Pledge program and how you can participate, visit Pheasants ForeverQuail Forever, or ALPS OutdoorZ

About ALPS Brands:

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