American Defense ADM4 Duty Lowers Now in Stock

American Defense ADM4 Duty Lowers

ADM4 DUTY Series Lower receivers are built to run and function as flawlessly as one would expect a quality American made rifle component to function. ADM DUTY lowers are priced under our standard production lowers and are practically begging to be completed into a hard use rifle ready for all the rigorous treatment that a duty rifle can expect. These lowers have minor cosmetic blemishes, but are 100% functional.

Regular Lower Price:     $285
Duty Lower Price:          $225

The ADM4 UIC DUTY SERIES billet 7075-T6 lower receiver features a Type III Teflon impregnated hardcoat anodized finish, is outfitted with our proprietary Ambidextrous magazine release, Ambidextrous bolt catch and release, and our dimpled Take down and Pivot pins. The magazine well features reinforcing ribs that make the magazine well 40% stronger than mil-spec forged at only half ounce of weight change. The trigger guard is ready for winter gloves without manipulation. Radii and chamfers throughout make this billet lower a marvel that stretches the capabilities of modern production CNC manufacturing. A 20-degree competition style mag well is concealed in the design, allowing lightning fast magazine changes. An integral upper/lower tension adjustment screw allows the end user to compensate for tolerance between your upper receivers and your favorite lower.

The ADM4 DUTY SERIES Lower receiver kit will ship with all proprietary ambidextrous controls installed and include our dimpled take down/pivot pins. **Due to the design of the Ambi Bolt Catch/Release, the lower is NOT Compatible with certain triggers that utilize anti-rotation pins that use external screws or plates. We have developed a low head pin to be used with CMC Triggers. Standard GI type triggers, Drop in triggers that use standard pins, and Geissele triggers WILL work with this lower.**

Please note that ADM4 DUTY SERIES Lowers *may not* be returned for cosmetic issues, but are backed by our standard warranty guaranteeing 100% functionality and customer satisfaction.

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