America’s No. 1 Deer, Turkey and Waterfowl Patterns on Display at Mossy Oak SHOT Show Booth (#11035)

America’s No. 1 Deer, Turkey and Waterfowl Patterns on Display at Mossy Oak SHOT Show Booth (#11035)

WEST POINT, MS – Mossy Oak, the Official Camo of Conservation, is proud to display the no. 1 patterns of choice for deer, turkey and waterfowl hunters across North America for the fourth consecutive year at the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 2019 SHOT Show. These no. 1 patterns are Break-Up Country®, Obsession® and Shadow Grass Blades® and they will be on display at the Mossy Oak booth (#11035).

According to Southwick Associates’ Annual Hunt-Shoot Report, Deer Hunter, Mossy Oak’s Break-Up Country is America’s no. 1 camo pattern for deer hunting for three years running. Break-Up Country offers incredible effectiveness for concealing hunters in all types of terrain where deer reside. In addition, Mossy Oak is extremely proud that Break-Up Country is the official camo of the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), which is a partnership that serves a critical role in preserving and defending the timeless tradition of deer hunting.

Break-Up Country has served Mossy Oak’s customers as the best-performing deer hunting pattern in the country. According to True North Outdoor Marketing (2018), Break-Up Country is the leading pattern of choice for footwear, apparel, accessories, firearms and archery equipment compared to other universal camo patterns in the hunting industry.

Mossy Oak’s turkey hunting pattern, Obsession, will also be on display, representing America’s no. 1 turkey hunting pattern (Southwick Associates Turkey Hunter Report) for the last four years.  Obsession was developed for the turkey hunter to provide both concealment for the hunt and support for the resource. Mossy Oak is proud to be the official camo of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and the Mossy Oak Obsession pattern includes the NWTF logo inlayed throughout.

The third pattern representing the trio of no. 1 patterns is Shadow Grass Blades. Shadow Grass Blades features a precise arrangement of individual blades of grass, whether windblown, broken or bent, onto a background of thatch consisting of lesser or dead grass to create the perfect pure grass pattern. Carefully placed shadows from the main grass arranged atop the thatch, which incorporates light to dark spots as seen in nature, creates depth that gives Shadow Grass Blades a realistic 3D appearance and superior ability to break up a hunter’s outline.

Shadow Grass Blades has proven to be exceptionally effective for waterfowl hunters and has been named America’s no. 1 waterfowl hunting pattern for three years running, according to Southwick Associates Annual Waterfowl Hunter Report.  In addition, Shadow Grass Blades represents waterfowl conservation as the official pattern of Ducks Unlimited.

Mossy Oak and its valued conservation partners share much in common in their commitments to the hunting heritage and their conservation priorities.

“The success of these no. 1 patterns is a result of our company-wide efforts in delivering a strategy that positions Mossy Oak as one of the premier brands in the outdoors industry, combined with our commitment to and investment in conservation,” said Chris Paradise, Sr. Vice President and Chief Sales Officer at Mossy Oak. “We are dedicated to conservation and are honored to represent the official patterns of DU, QDMA and NWTF, among others.”

In addition to America’s no. 1 patterns being displayed, Mossy Oak will also be featuring their latest pattern, Overwatch, the official camouflage pattern of the NRA and Elements Agua, the official pattern of B.A.S.S. and Major League Fishing. Mossy Oak was also named the best camo by the readers of “Bowhunting World,” an award received at the recent ATA Show.

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