An Interview with Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt

“[F]or the Rifle, Colorado native, hunting and fishing are in his blood. He credits his grandpa for hooking him on fly fishing at an early age. From there, he was soon drawn to shooting sports and hunting.

For the 53rd Interior Secretary, he wants to bring together different stakeholders to advance a collaborative approach to conservation stewardship.

‘When I got here, one of the first things I said is, we will ensure one of the most important things we can do as the land management agency is ensure that hunters, fishers, recreationists of all sorts, have an opportunity to access that land,’ he said.

‘It’s very important that we ensure that there’s public access and we facilitate public access. I’ve issued an order that says for any piece of property that we’re looking at exchanging, acquiring or disposing of, we need to think about what is the impact…on that public access.’

A Return to Multi-Use and Sustainable Yield Public Lands Management

He understands a multi-use approach to public lands management will effectively promote true conservation policies.

‘There are communities, entire communities, that have been built throughout the West that are dependent on the activities that take place on the public lands for their economic future — their economic hopes,’ he noted.

‘My belief is those activities can take place in harmony with sound management, with sustainable programs and smart regulation.’

Sportsmen and women can appreciate having an ally like him at the helm of the Department of Interior today.”

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