APEX GEAR Adds to COVERT™ Bow Sight Line

Hybrid Sight System Provides Versatility and Accuracy

Single-pin versus multi-pin bow sights—both have their advantages, depending on the hunting style and situation. The COVERT™ Four-Pin bow sight from Apex Gear is a hybrid sight system that delivers the advantages of multi-pin systems and moving aperture sights; this year the sight is even more versatile with the introduction of a new option.

The newest COVERT™ Four-Pin sight (Model AG2314BD) comes with four LED-illuminated fiber-optic pins. There are three .019 in. diameter PRO•BRITE™ pins and one .010 in. diameter MICRO•POINT™ pin. This system allows hunters to use the standard size pins for closer hunting distances (commonly 20, 30, and 40 yards) while the smaller, MICRO•POINT pin can be used to dial longer distances. Archers can lock the sight in place to use it as a standard multi-pin sight, or unlock the sight and track to longer distances like the COVERT single-pin series of sights. Over one-hundred pre-calibrated sight tapes are provided to simplify long range set-up and match most bow/arrow combinations.

The newest COVERT Four-Pin model also includes a detachable dovetail bracket. This allows archers to use a longer sight radius while still fitting in a compact bow case, or removing the sight completely for air travel. For archers who prefer a standard mounting setup, the original COVERT Four-Pin model (AG2312B) is still available.

The COVERT™ Four-Pin Series bow sights are available through shooting sports retailers and online at www.apex-gear.com.

COVERT™ Four-Pin Series Bow Sight Features:

  • Three .019″ PRO•BRITE™ pins and one .010″ MICRO•POINT™ pin
  • Black finish
  • Precision-machined aluminum construction
  • 2nd & 3rd axis level adjustment
  • 1.8″ aperture diameter
  • Micro-adjustable windage/elevation
  • LED Light included
  • Detachable bracket
  • COVERT™ Four-Pin AG2314B (Standard model) MSRP: $152.99
  • COVERT™ Four-Pin AG2314BD (Detachable Bracket and MICRO•POINT™ Pin) MSRP: $176.99

About Apex Gear

Apex Gear was created with one idea in mind – bringing quality products to passionate bowhunters. Apex Gear celebrates a history of providing original equipment to the most demanding bow manufacturers. This same technology and quality is available in pro shops and retailers nationwide. Accommodating a wide variety of hunting styles, Apex Gear products are purpose built for practicality, accuracy, and reliability in the field. Apex Gear products are designed in Richardson, Texas to meet the needs of modern bowhunters. Apex Gear – Performance Driven.  www.apex-gear.com