APEX GEAR Introduces the REACTOR XL Quiver

New Quiver Designed to Meet Needs of Modern Bowhunters

Engineered to match the profile and balance of the latest bow designs, the new APEX GEAR REACTOR™ XL quiver provides a sturdy and well-balance arrow containment system for backcountry bowhunters. 

The new REACTOR XL fits close to the bow for a stealthy and compact carry. The machined aluminum mounting arm places the quiver farther back (closer to the cams) for optimal balance and stability. At full draw, this balanced design reduces the tendency for archers to torque the bow riser. Adjustable mounting on a longer spine allows the REACTOR XL to sit higher on shorter axle-to-axle bows to keep arrow nocks out of the dirt. The quiver is easy to attach and remove with an enhanced CAM-LOCK mounting system.

Made from a lightweight composite, the hood and spine utilize a TRU•TOUCH™ soft-feel technical coating to dampen noise and vibration. The hood is also rubber-lined to reduce noise without dulling broadheads. Designed to fit left-handed or right-handed bows, the REACTOR XL uses a dual-gripper design that securely holds five carbon or aluminum arrows of common hunting diameters.

REACTOR XL Quiver Features:

  • Black finish
  • Holds up to 5 arrows
  • Total weight: 11 oz.
  • Enhanced CAM-LOCK mounting system
  • Quiet TRU•TOUCH™ technical coating
  • Secure double-gripper design
  • Fits carbon and aluminum arrows; shaft diameters .229 and larger
  • Accommodates both mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads
  • Lightweight composite construction
  • Item number AG240B; MSRP $82.99

About Apex Gear

Apex Gear was created with one idea in mind – bringing quality products to passionate bowhunters. Apex Gear celebrates a history of providing original equipment to the most demanding bow manufacturers. This same technology and quality is available in pro shops and retailers nationwide. Accommodating a wide variety of hunting styles, Apex Gear products are purpose built for practicality, accuracy, and reliability in the field. Apex Gear products are designed in Richardson, Texas to meet the needs of modern bowhunters. Apex Gear – Performance Driven.  www.apex-gear.com