At-One for Shotguns!

At-One for Shotguns!

Boyds Gunstocks, the South Dakota-based gunstock manufacturer, introduces a new gunstock shape called the At-One. Designed to be modular and completely adjustable, the At-One line of gunstocks allows for quick adjustability so that the gun will fit anyone.

The At-One for rifles was introduced in January of 2017 and was a big hit with the public. Now Boyds introduces the At-One for shotguns! Now available in the Remington 870 12-gauge and the Mossberg 500 12-gauge, the At-One brings better fit to shotgunners everywhere. Other gauges in these models should be available in late 2018. There are eleven different laminate colors to choose from.

The At-One is modular and fully adjustable. The length of pull adjusts from 12 ½” to 14” and the cheek rest adjusts upward to 9/16”of an inch. Making adjustments is a snap with the “Bring-It” push-button adjustment technology. This push-button technology is strong and powerful, yet easy to use and completely reliable. Adjustments are made in seconds, without tools or hardware.

The grips and forearms are modular and come in a variety of colors and two shapes: The slim traditional shape, and the more robust target style.

As with all Boyds gunstocks, the At-One adjustable gunstock is constructed of top-grade laminated hardwood that is dried to exacting specifications to ensure rigidity and stability, and then sealed with a strong, beautiful finish that is chemical-resistant for long-lasting durability in all weather conditions.

Boyds offers 11 beautiful laminate colors. See them all here at