Auction Armory, the solution for firearm marketing, firearm advertising, and local gun shop marketing announces an exclusive partnership with Taylor Made Media for original content production and content distribution, and BGA Enterprises/Ace Public Relations for advertising sales, Outdoor communications and PR.

Who is Auction Armory?

Auction Armory has quietly been building one of the largest and most visited sites in the firearm and outdoor industry and, in light of recent, aggressive censorship of all things gun related on almost every social media program, announces this partnership as one of several steps to move their sales and sales partnerships forward.
“We want Auction Armory to be THE place for all things firearms and outdoor-related business” says Robert Cain, founder of Auction Armory and serial entrepreneur.

“The funny thing is, this site almost never happened. In the beginning, it was very difficult to gain traction. There’s a LOT of distrust in this industry, which is complicated by a general lack of knowledge of SEO, SEM, and general internet usage, rules, and best practices.”

Cain should certainly know, as he sold his first website for several hundred thousand dollars to a large conglomerate while still in high school, was an on-site and off-site SEO expert for Google and was a millionaire by the time he was in his early twenties.

“I actually started Auction Armory by accident while trying to develop a marketing plan for a local firearms business client. She had 10 locations and a $30,000 monthly advertising budget- but she had a problem… Because of rules and regulations surrounding the firearm industry, she couldn’t advertise her gun shops, products or services on Facebook, Google, YouTube and other well known advertising outlets. Because of Google’s Adwords rules, we couldn’t even find any real search results data. This client didn’t want to just do signs or billboards- because THAT’S NOT WHERE PEOPLE LOOK FOR THINGS THEY WANT TO BUY TODAY.”

After a four hour conversation discussing several options, Cain called some friends at Facebook, Google and YouTube where they unanimously said, ‘No, sorry we can’t… it’s our policy now’. A few months went by with no movement but Cain just couldn’t let it go. Eventually the idea came to him to build his own social network and marketplace where people, customers and those wanting to buy and sell firearms could go to shop, connect with other enthusiasts and become part of a larger community.

If you search for “Firearm Advertising” on Google today, Auction Armory is often the top result.

That community now boasts over 3 million active users, it’s own sales platforms, discussion forums, online storefronts and is quickly becoming THE place for all things guns.
Many of their “Armory Articles” garner not thousands, but millions of views from all over the web. The site receives many thousands of visitors per day and is expanding exponentially as new categories are posted due to user demand.
“Last week on Auction Armory, almost 8,000 people searched for “Ugly Stick Fishing Rods.”
That doesn’t seem like very many, but it’s a ton when you realize that up until now this was only a firearms-related site. Now we are expanding the categories any time someone requests a new one.”

The best part?

It’s all 100% free to users, buyers and sellers.

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To celebrate the official launch the Auction Armory/Taylor Made Media partnership, Auction armory is offering a FREE 2-week trial and, should you decide to keep it, 1/2 off of their advertising platform rates for the first 25 companies to set up a 10 minute consult through THIS LINK.

Taylor Made Media

Taylor Made Media was also a company started by “filling an unmet need.”
You may not have heard of Taylor Made Media, but you’re probably familiar with their content, writers, authors and clients.
Gene Taylor and his team produce the newsletters, blogs, and content for some of the largest retailers in the firearm space and work with hundreds of companies in the industry.

Their partnership with Auction Armory was a natural progression. Auction Armory needed original content and firearm industry advertisers. Taylor Made Media had both to offer and the added benefit of a large team of professional outdoor and firearm content producers with a subscriber list in the millions.

Ace Public Relations

Public Relations means different things to different people, but all involve your business and its reputation.

A negative review, experience, product failure, or negative photo can mean a DISASTER for a business that is not prepared.

Additionally, there is nothing like grassroots, multiple-site and source, positive reviews and written and spoken media “features” of your product or business to drive more traffic through the door, as well as to reinforce your customers’ good decision to do business with you!

Ace Public Relations is the PR division of BGA Enterprises and is run by industry professional and author of “Guns the Right Way,” “Ace” Luciano. Ace is known by many in the industry as “That Guy”- using his many connections, friends and business partners to provide the right message to the right audience at the right time and in the right amounts for your company or product.

Ace and his network of professional writers, authors, industry professionals and personalities, as well as their prominent presence in both traditional print, television and social media can make certain that your business’s message resonates with your target market.

Ace also acts as your company’s representative, alleviating the stress and hassles associated with scheduling of interviews, presentations, and information sessions.
For more information on Ace, BGA Enterprises and services offered to companies in and out of the outdoor industry, CLICK HERE.