Author: Kevin Paulson

  • Online Buying Guide For Men’s Cold Weather Hunting Gear

    Cold Weather Jacket

    Want to shop for men’s cold weather hunting gear? Take our advice before you buy. Men’s cold weather hunting gear shopping isn’t as simple as you would think. The clothing you wear when out in the bush in mid-winter environments can either save your life or fail to save your life. When you are clinging […]

  • We The People Holsters Review The Best Gun Ranges In Texas

    Gun enthusiasts know that finding a good gun range is nearly as important as choosing the right firearms and holsters. A good gun range gives gunowners a place to go practice with their weapon, network with other firearm enthusiasts and the opportunity to blow off a little steam. Some states in our great nation have […]

  • A Bowie Knife – A Popular Weapon for Survival

    bowie knife

    A bowie knife is not only popular in America but across the globe. James Black designed the bowie knife for Jim Bowie who became a great knife fighter and passed away at the Alamo. Jim Bowie took part in the Sand Bar fight in the year 1827. Key Features of Bowie Knives The length of […]

  • We Interview Chris Mijic, Editor of the Firearms Guide.

    Firearms Guide

    What motivated you to create the Firearms Guide?   Well, my background is in journalism, IT, publishing and marketing so when you put those things together and you add some military experience and a love for shooting sports then you easily end up being the founder and editor of Firearms Guide. At that time I […]

  • Blake Alma Interview

    Blake Alma

    When I first heard about Blake Alma, I really did not know what to think about this young man.  A friend mentioned his name to me and told me to look him up.  I did and everytime I hear him on the radio, on a podcast, talk with him, see his videos, or read his […]

  • Nick Pinizzotto, CEO of the National Deer Alliance

    Nick Pinizzotto

    Nick Pinizzotto is President and CEO of the National Deer Alliance. Before coming to NDA, he was President and CEO of the Sportsmen’s Alliance, based in Columbus, OH. He also served as CEO of Delta Waterfowl Foundation based in Bismarck, ND and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and prior to that was an Associate Vice President at […]

  • Ken Moody, Professional Hunter

    Ken Moody

    Ken Moody Safaris opened its hunting operations in 1994 when U.S. Army Captain Ken Moody resigned his commission in order to pursue his love of big game hunting. Traveling to South Africa that same year, Ken formally registered Ken Moody Safaris as a closed corporation and the dream of hunting Africa professionally became reality. Who […]

  • Ty Dillon, NASCAR Driver and Hunter

    Ty Dillon Elk

    Ty Dillon has spent a great majority of his life hanging around the track with his grandfather, Richard Childress.  This year is his first full year in NASCAR Cup driving full time.  Ty’s been passionate about hunting since he was a young man hunting with his grandfather and his brother Austin.  We are excited that […]

  • Matti Anttila of Grain & Barrel

    Matti Antilla

    How were you introduced to hunting? I was introduced to hunting by my grandfather in Finland. He was in Finnish special forces in WWII and was quite a remarkable shot. I used to spend summers there growing up and was usually able to catch the beginning of duck, partridge and pheasant seasons before I left […]

  • Dean Capuano Host of SWAROVSKI OPTIK Quest

    Dan Capuano

    Follow Dean on Instagam at Who taught you how to hunt and what was the most important lesson you learned from that person? Dean Capuano – My father was the one who got me into hunting at a very early age. I have been around guns and hunting since I was 3 or 4. […]