Avian-X Honkers Win Best Decoy

Avian-X Honkers Win Best Decoy

Outdoor Life put six of the best decoys to the test

Outdoor Life editors put some of the best goose decoys to the test, and Avian-X’s AXF Honkers Walker Pack aced the test.

Six different brands of full-body goose decoys were rated and ranked based on profile, paint, durability, steak/stand design, and price/value. Profile was scored on how realistic the body of the decoy looked. Paint was scored on the level of detail and realism. Durability counted both cracks and dents to the body, plus any paint chipping or wear on the flocking. Motion was scored based on how well the decoys moved in a light breeze and how well they handled a 20 mph wind. For the full-bodies, stake/stand design scored how easy the staking system was to use in a variety of conditions and how well it packed away. Lastly, price/value is how much bang each decoy delivers for your buck.

“These decoys have extremely realistic body profiles and coloring that looks just like real Canadas,” Alex Robinson of Outdoor Life said. “You won’t do better than an AXF spread.”

Pete Angle, VP of Marketing for Plano Synergy said Avian-X is extremely pleased that its AXF Honkers Walker Pack came out on top.

“We are thrilled that leading authorities in the outdoor industry acknowledge the quality, and details incorporated into the AXF Walker goose decoys,” Angle said. “We pride ourselves on producing the most realistic, durable decoys on the market, and we appreciate that Outdoor Life recognizes our efforts.”

For each issue of Outdoor Life, the magazine’s experts go in-depth to provide readers with accurate and unbiased assessments on hunting, fishing, and outdoor-related gear on the market. Outdoor Life’s experts base the results on a series of scores each item receives for various categories during a specially designed and thorough testing process. Following the tests, the scores are tallied and the top product is deemed the best. Going one step further, Outdoor Life also considers the costs of the products to determine which offer the most bang for the buck.

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