Axeon AM3 Monocular

Axeon Optics is pleased to announce the AM3 Monocular lightweight, with a 250 lumen LED flashlight built in.

If you want visual power in a small and very lightweight package that’ll fit into a shirt pocket, then look no further than the Axeon AM3 Monocular.  At a little over 5 inches long, 3 inches wide, and less than 2 inches thick, and weighing less than ¾ of a pound, this little optic powerhouse is the perfect companion for camping, hunting, fishing, or sightseeing because it’s so small and light, you’ll hardly notice you have it with you.

It may be small and light, but it packs plenty of magnifying power:  Pull the 8×32 power monocular out of your top shirt pocket and up to your eye, and it will quickly bring objects in close.  And, those objects will be crisp and clear with the camera-quality objective lens inside – you’ll be impressed.

The center focus system is convenient and adjusts smoothly and quickly.  In low light conditions at dawn and dusk, the built-in 250 Lumen LED light comes in more than handy and illuminate objects in either spotlight mode or flood mode – nice options to have when you’re out in the field.

The AM3’s LED light uses a 6-volt battery which provides plenty of power to illuminate the way for up to 30 hours.  The all-weather polymer housing has a rugged, rubberized EZ-Grip texture that helps you keep a firm grip as you move along in your adventure.  The best part about the AM3 is its waterproof and fog proof construction, which ensures that the AM3 operates in all weather conditions.

If you’re concerned about weight and size of your optics as you travel, but still want magnification power, then the Axeon AM3 is the perfect optic for you.  And, with an MSRP at only $69.99, you can’t go wrong.

For more information, contact:  Bradley Burgin: 479-646-4210 ext. 282 or