Axeon Hunting Series Scopes

Axeon Hunting Series Scopes

Axeon Optics have produced a line of lightweight, rugged, rifle scopes that really perform – and all for a fraction of the cost of similar scopes.

The Axeon Hunting Series Scopes are high performance scopes in low light conditions.  The glass used produces a crisp, clear image, without fogging.  Durable beyond compare, this series of scopes were tested by abusing them in many ways:  left outside in all types of weather for long periods of time; frozen then thawed; tossing them against trees; strapping them to the front fork of a motorcycle and taking a very rough backcountry ride.  After all that, these scopes looked like they were scratched, beaten and battered, but they continued to perform beautifully, without fail.

Mounted to three different guns, the scopes proved to hold their zero.  The glass remained clear, the zoom ring remained smooth, and the turret adjustments continued to work perfectly.  Talk about an incredibly durable scope!

The super light-weight Axeon Hunting Series consists of three models: a 2 – 7 x 32 at only 11.7 oz; the 3 – 9 x 40 and 4 – 12 x 40 both come in at a mere 13.25 oz.  All have 1-inch tubes and use plex reticles. Eye relief for all three models runs between 3.75” and 4”. Prices range from a mere $89.99 to $119.99. That’s an incredibly low price for all the quality that you get for these dynamic lightweight scopes.

Below are all the detailed specifications for each model.
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