Axeon ShotLight

Axeon Optics produces a tactical shotgun light for home defense called the ShotLight!

The shotgun is a versatile firearm; it can be used for hunting waterfowl, small game, as well as big game; but, it is also an excellent home defense firearm. More and more people are arming themselves with shotguns for home defense, and now Axeon has provided the ShotLight to help people use their shotguns in home defense more effectively through illumination.

The Axeon ShotLight is a light that’s designed to attach to the end of the magazine tube of your shotgun and project its light toward your target, thereby allowing you to keep both hands on your shotgun. Now, with the ShotLight, there’s no need to hold a bright tactical light in one hand, and try to hold your shotgun with one hand in the other. Just attach the ShotLight to the end of the magazine tube of your shotgun, and wherever you point the muzzle of your shotgun, that’s where your light will point as well.

Designed to fit the three most popular shotgun designs in the U.S., the Axeon ShotLight works with the Mossberg 500, the Remington 870 and the Winchester 1300. The ShotLight’s unique design allows the back end of the flaghlight to become the end cap of the magazine tube. All you do is remove your shotgun’s end cap, and screw the Axeon ShotLight onto the end of the magazine tube, in its place, and you’re done. Then just touch the easy-access “on” button, and you’re flooding the area with a very bright light.

The Axeon ShotLight illuminates objects beyond the muzzle with 120 lumens of bright white light, blinding any perpetrators that may come into view. The ShotLight uses a powerful CR123A battery for maximum brightness and power.

The Axeon ShotLight is a rugged design, made from strong, lightweight aluminum that is machined to perfection. The on/off switch is rubberized, thumb-sized push-button switch that is easy to find and operate in the dark.

MSRP is $63.99
For more information, contact: Bradley Burgin: 479-646-4210 ext. 282 or