Azimuth Technology Selects Murray Road Agency

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – October 8, 2019 – The Murray Road Agency announces a new partnership with Azimuth Technology. The Murray Road team will help shape Azimuth’s brand, messaging and approach to key market segments. Azimuth Technology is the leading precision manufacturer of major firearm components and other products and components used by hunters and shooters as well as military, law enforcement and aerospace customers.

Murray Road’s experience and current client lineup is rooted in the shooting and hunting space. The company specializes in content generation, social media, media buying, brand building, public relations and more.

Azimuth Technology is a company founded on operational excellence and has been making key parts and components for some of the most popular firearm and accessories brands available in the United States for almost a decade. The leadership team has a 50-year legacy of success in delivering exceptional manufacturing quality for industries where precision operation is critical.

“We have known Cathy and the team for many years,” said Azimuth President and CEO Len Zaiser. “They were some of the first people we met in this industry and we’re happy to be formally working together. We look forward to combining our innovation, experience and expertise with a marketing partner that takes Azimuth Technology to new markets, customers and levels of growth.”

“The Murray Road team brings a wealth of knowledge and relationships to this partnership,” said Azimuth Senior Vice President Cameron Grantham. “We have grown significantly over the last few years, and we have plenty more in the pipeline. Murray Road will help ensure this growth continues by charting a strategic plan to engage our customer base and help us navigate new opportunities.”

“Azimuth Technology is different—and that’s evident when you see the manufacturing facilities and sit down and talk to Len, Cameron and the team,” said Murray Road President Tim Brandt. “The first step into the factory helps you understand just how talented, advanced and knowledgeable Azimuth is as a manufacturer and a top-to-bottom organization. And a quick walk through the rows of CNC machines will have hardcore gun enthusiasts sold by the speed and process—and the brand names and logos on the parts.”

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