Badlands® Pyre Jacket, Bibs Keep the Cold Out and Keep You in the Field

West Jordan, UTAH – Being cold sucks. Being cold while trying to remain still in your stand or in a blind sucks even more. Now with Badlands’ new Pyre Jackets and Bibs, you can tell Old Man Winter to go straight to… someplace warmer. 

We want to keep you warm, but not turn you into the kid brother from “A Christmas Story,” so the Pyre Bib is all about maximum warmth with all the mobility you need in the field. PrimaLoft® Silver insulation locks in the heat, while articulated knees and easy-on side zippers keep you moving around with ease. 

Fleece-lined pockets keep contents quiet, but also keep those digits warm, flexible and ready to make that textbook trigger press. Basically, they’re little toaster ovens for your hands. 

The Pyre Jacket features the same PrimaLoft Silver insulation, but the compressible sleeves don’t deter your range of motion and are stupid quiet. The Pyre line is so cozy, you may fall asleep, so we included a built-in treestand harness tether port, because we care about you. 

We also care about your expensive gear, so we added an interior rangefinder pocket with a tether. This keeps your ballistic buddy right where you need it, while protecting it from the elements and your cold, clumsy hands…. Which won’t happen if you keep them in your
Pyre Bib pockets!

The Pyre Jacket and Bibs are available in Badlands’ high-tech, and sweet-looking, Approach and Approach FX camouflage patterns. Like everything we make, the Pyre Series is covered by our unconditional lifetime warranty. Tear it, blow it out, spill taco sauce. We don’t care and we don’t judge. 

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Now in its 25th year, Badlands continues to focus on exceptional quality, continuing innovation, unmatched performance and as always the only unconditional lifetime warranty in the industry.