BaitCloud Joins the Ridge Road Outdoor Marketplace & Order Fulfillment Center

Rushford, MN – BaitCloud joins the Ridge Road Outdoor Marketplace & Order Fulfillment Center to expand their reach and sales.

BaitCloud works whether you are at the dock, on the shore, in your boat, or in your ice hut. If you can toss a BaitCloud in the water, you can use BaitCloud

BaitCloud has been formulated with 100% food-grade, natural ingredients to ensure it is not harmful to any aquatic life. There is no package to dissolve in the water or become waste or litter. Each BaitCloud ball is designed to disintegrate over a controlled period, and in doing so releasing the scent, effervescent bubbling action, and visual attractants to draw in the gamefish. Therefore the balls are consumed in the attraction process. However, the attraction qualities persist long after the fizzing and bubbling action have stopped. You should expect to get attraction qualities for about an hour for each application. The duration of the fizzing action cycle of the balls will change with changes in water temperature; slower fizzing in colder water- faster fizzing in warmer water.

BaitCloud has been formulated into seven different products made specifically to target fish species. Not only is the product scent customized to specific species, but it is also color coded into the balls so you always know which product you are using. BaitCloud makes some products that provide a more universal application such as the Shad flavor which is quite versatile, and the Panfish species flavor that targets and attracts a variety of Panfish species with its custom formulation. See Product tab online for more complete descriptions of each flavor.

Bait Cloud products are now available through and available to all Ridge Road Outdoors Country Club members at special membership savings. Checkout their brand showcase on

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