Ballistic 2019: The Year That Was In Tips, Tricks, and Advice For Long-Range Shooters

Gainesville, GA (December 30, 2019) BALLISTIC is the definitive app for ballistic calculations and solutions for the long-range shooter, whether the solutions are needed for competition, hunting or just to become a better, more consistent shooter.

So, it’s no wonder that BALLISTIC also supports long-range shooters and encourages new shooters by sharing knowledge from their team of professional shooters and hunters via articles posted to the BALLISTIC website at WWW.BALLISTICAPP.COM/BLOG

For 2019, BALLISTIC tackled these key topics for the long-range shooter: 

  • Pro Tip: Long-Range Zero – Competitive shooter Curt Vaughn explains why the 100-yard zero is still the zero for long-range competitive shooters and hunters. 
  • Lock, Stock & Barrel: PRC focus – Like most sports, Precision Rifle Shooting takes time, practice, passion, and the right gear. BALLISTIC will help improve your shot for less than the cost of a box of ammo!

Stay tuned for BALLISTIC 2020. We’ll be back next year with even more insights, suggestions and tips from the world’s top shooters, hunters and competitors. BALLISTIC’S goal is to make you a better, more consistent shot.

Remember, when you need that shot to count–you need BALLISTIC!

Ballistic is the definitive ballistics trajectory calculator, intended for long-range and precision shooters who want a serious–and a seriously accurate–application. Ballistic will calculate your bullet’s trajectory, windage, velocity, energy, lead, and flight time for any valid range. The app can also compensate for atmospheric conditions such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and altitude–it can even accept density of air or density altitude inputs! The world-renowned JBM Ballistics engine powers all Ballistic computations. Ballistic is used by competition shooters, long-range hunters, and the military to deliver the most precise calculations possible.

With Ballistic, you’ll be able to make the most accurate calculations for every shot, everywhere, even in areas with no cellular coverage.

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