Barnett’s New TS380

Grand Prairie, TX (January 10, 2020) – Barnett’s all-new TS380 combines speed, fit and function to deliver an overall shooting experience that’s as comfortable as it is effective. 

Powerful Barnett limbs, high energy cams, a 12.625-inch power stroke, and 201 pounds of draw weight combine to produce a blistering 380 fps speed rating (with 380-grain arrow) and 121.82 ft. lbs. of bone-busting kinetic energy. The adjustable length-of-pull buttstock and pass-through foregrip make this high-speed crossbow easy and comfortable for almost anyone to shoulder and shoot. At just 32-34 inches long and 13.25 inches wide when cocked, it’s compact and maneuverable in virtually any hunting situation. Safety is emphasized with features like an Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) trigger system to ensure the bow only fires when you want it to, and finger safety reminders to keep fingers below the string path.

The function is further enhanced with features like TriggerTech™ frictionless release technology for a light, crisp trigger pull. Barnett’s Soft Lok™ Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer holds arrows securely against CNC the premium machined aluminum flight track. At the same time,  three Picatinny rails offer ample options for mounting the 4×32 multi-reticle scope as well as other accessories. Track-mounted string dampeners and an anti-vibration foot stirrup help reduce noise and vibration for a quieter, more accurate shot. 

Handsomely dressed in a digital gray wrap, the package features single-bolt assembly and includes two 20-inch Headhunter™ arrows, 4×32 multi-reticle scope, lightweight side-mount quiver, rope cocking device, and lubrication wax. If you’re looking to step up your game this is the bow for you. It offers a deadly combination of features designed to enhance the speed, accuracy, and penetration while providing optimum fit and high-performance function, and is built to Barnett’s top-end durability standards to ensure long-term performance and reliability.

TS380 Features:

  • Metal Injection Molded (MIM) Trigger
  • Soft Lok™ Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer
  • TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology
  • Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) Trigger System
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track
  • Adjustable Length-of-Pull Butt Stock
  • Pass-Through Foregrip
  • Finger Safety Reminders
  • Track-Mounted String Dampeners
  • Single Bolt Assembly
  • Magnesium Riser
  • Three Picatinny Rails
  • Crank Cocking Device Compatible
  • Anti-Vibration Foot Stirrup

TS380 Specs:

  • Draw Weight: 201 lbs.
  • Kinetic Energy: 121.82 ft. lbs.
  • Speed (380 grains): 380 FPS
  • Weight (overall): 6.9 lbs.
  • Length (without stirrup): 32.375-34.875 in.
  • Width (uncocked): 18.75 in.
  • Axle to Axle (uncocked): 16.75 in.
  • Axle to Axle (cocked): 13.25 in.
  • Powerstroke: 12.625 in.
  • MSRP: $549.99

From its inception, over a half century ago, Barnett Crossbows has led the industry with pioneering innovations and patents to become the world’s number one manufacturer of crossbows. Barnett’s engineers have created its latest range of crossbows based on the changing needs and desires of today’s hunters. Lightweight, adjustable and powerful, Barnett has brought crossbow technology to the height it stands at today. Barnett is committed to delivering high quality performance products with unparalleled service and value for all that use the Barnett Range. Built for maximum speed, efficiency and Built for the Hunt!

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