Accurately know your Distance to Target with One of Hawke Optics Precise and Affordable Laser Rangefinders

Hawke® Optics, a world-wide leader in optics technology, offers two affordable laser rangefinders designed to accurately measure distances and provide you with all the necessary information to plan your next move. The compact and rugged Hunter models are designed to give you all the information needed to make the perfect shot. The Professional series provides a few additional readings, making it a great choice for hunting as well as other uses like surveying. Both laser rangefinders are priced affordably and are made with the durability and quality you expect from Hawke Optics.

Both the Hunter and the Professional rangefinders have an ergonomic shape that fits the contours of your hand. This makes for easy single-handed operation, as well as helping you keep the rangefinder steady and on target. Both are fully nitrogen-purged and are waterproof and fog-proof. They have adjustable diopters. The laser is CE-approved and safe for eyes and the optics are fully multi-coated for clarity with BK-7 prisms. All models in both series have 6X optical zoom power. All models display battery life and target quality as well.

The Hunter series of laser rangefinders are packed with features designed to help hunters make an accurate and ethical shot when the time comes. There are two Hunter models. One reads distances accurately out to 400 meters. The other model reads distances accurately out to 600 meters. The Hunter models have three operational modes to fit hunting situations. Standard Mode reads the straight-line distance to target in either meters or yards. When you are in Standard Mode, pressing and holding the ON button while moving the rangefinder will continuously scan and display ranges. Rain Mode is perfect for those times the skies don’t want to cooperate with your hunt. In this mode, the rangefinder will scan straight-line target distances but will ignore interference from falling rain, something that has plagued rangefinders in the past. Hunt Mode reads straight-line distance but ignores grass and brush that can often get in the way of getting an accurate read from a deer or other game in the field.

The Professional series of laser rangefinders adds new levels of accuracy to your work as well as your hunt. While well equipped to handle hunting situations, the Professional series also works well in work settings where accurate measurements are needed, such as construction. With models that measure accurately at 400, 600, and 900 meters, there is a Professional rangefinder to fit your needs. Each model measures in meters, yards and degrees. The Professional series models have five operational modes. Standard Mode works just as the Hunter model Standard Mode, with straight-line distance reading and a scan option. Beeline Mode measures the horizontal distance to the target. Like the Standard Mode, it also allows you to scan as you move. Height Mode measures how high the target is in relation to the rangefinder. You can also scan in this mode, moving from one target to the next. Angle Mode measure the angle of projection from the rangefinder to the target in degrees. It can measure down as well as up, so hunters can use it while in a treestand. Height Difference Mode measures the distance in height between two targets. When in this mode, you measure one target, then the next. The rangefinder then displays the difference.

All models of Hawke Laser Rangefinders are available now. Each comes with a carry case, wrist strap, lens cloth and CR2 lithium battery. The Hunter Series range in price from $179.99 to $189.99. The Professional Series range from $189.99 to $229.99.

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