Bear Archery Announces Partnership With ‘The Hunting Public’

The hosts of the extremely popular YouTube series The Hunting Public will provide online and social media support for Bear Archery, Trophy Ridge and Cajun Bowfishing.

Bear Archery recently announced a new partner sponsorship with The Hunting Public for 2019 and 2020. The Hunting Public will provide YouTube and social media support for Bear Archery, Trophy Ridge  and Cajun Bowfishing, divisions of Bear Archery’s parent company Escalade Sports.

“We’ve been part of the Trophy Ridge team for about a year now, and we’re thrilled to be joining the Bear Archery family,” said Aaron Warbritton, co-owner of The Hunting Public. “Fred Bear was the one who started it all with documenting the bowhunting experience, and we’re excited to honor him by shooting Bear bows as we share our bowhunting experiences with our audiences.”

Founded by the iconic father of modern archery, Fred Bear, in 1933 with the intention of bringing archery to the masses, Bear Archery produces high-quality bows with the same focus on reliability and technology, while maintaining its rich heritage of innovative leadership and family values.

“We are proud to partner with The Hunting Public,” said Dave Parker, archery general manager. “These guys are the real deal. They are getting out there every day and showing all the ups and downs that come along with hunting with a bow, and we are confident our Bear bows and Trophy Ridge accessories will only aid in their success.”

The hosts of The Hunting Public have earned a loyal following by providing viewers with information and tips targeting hunters who don’t have bottomless bank accounts and vast amounts of private land.

About The Hunting Public

The Hunting Public’s core mission is to create a community of hunters who can interact and learn together as a group. Their YouTube video journals and podcasts create a platform that allows THP hosts to teach, learn and interact with other hunters. The group covers everything from basic to advanced whitetail and turkey tactics, as well as how to plan and pull off a DIY out-of-state public land hunt. Through their hunts on public land and small privately owned properties, they create content that is relatable and appeals to all hunters.

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