Beretta Announces Torture Tour to Put the New A400 Xtreme Plus to the Test

Beretta Announces Torture Tour to Put the New A400 Xtreme Plus to the Test

Accokeek, MD – May 7, 2018 – The new A400 Xtreme Plus was designed by Beretta to be the ultimate shotgun for every type of waterfowler, built to go wherever their hunt takes them, whatever conditions they face. Now, the company has set out to prove it with a daunting cross-continent tour, designed to put five of the new guns through a season-long Torture Tour.

On May 5, 2018 at the NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas, five new A400 Xtreme Plus shotguns were branded in true Texas fashion, signifying the company’s commitment to putting these same guns to the test on a series of four hunts across North America’s major flyways. Each of the hunts is designed to expose the guns to a new series of challenges and ever-changing elements in the hands of a demanding hunter. Along the way, the twenty chosen hunters will help Beretta validate the performance of the new gun and tell their own chapter of this story of performance in extreme conditions.

The Gun
Manufactured at the Beretta Italy factory and based on the A400 Xtreme Unico model, the A400 Xtreme Plus model combines the advanced barrel technologies used to excel in the clay shooting world with the needs of the waterfowler.

With the adoption of the Steelium Plus barrel configuration, the Xtreme Plus features a 14-inch forcing cone more than 8 inches longer than the standard forcing cone. This new configuration ensures greater recoil reduction, enhanced pattern dispersion, and a greater range. Utilizing Optima-Bore® HP choke tubes, this shotgun offers a superior ballistic performance and guarantees perfect shot pattern in every hunting situation.

The company’s signature Kick-Off Mega system combined with a new Soft-Comb stock ensures there is less felt recoil making the A400 Xtreme Plus the softest-shooting waterfowl gun available.

This shotgun also utilizes a new step rib with a fiber optic front sight and an integral mid-bead that allows for an optimized sight plane. The receiver features an enlarged loading port, extended charging handle, and bolt release, making it easier to operate the shotgun even while wearing gloves.

The Tour
The tour will kick off at the beginning of the North Amerian waterfowl season with the first five hunters taking their turn with the A400 Xtreme Plus in an iconic waterfowling location. During and after each hunt, the participants will tell their stories through videos and photos shared across a variety of platforms and outlets, including Beretta’s Facebook and Instagram channels.

A series of films will be produced by Beretta, including one following each individual gun as it is passed from hunter to hunter, location to location. These will also be released on Beretta social channels and the company’s website. Each gun will be accompanied on its journey by a custom-made field journal, which will be filled with memories, photos and mementos of each hunt by the user of that respective gun.

The Torture Tour will come to a finish at the NRA Annual Meetings in Indianapolis, April 26-28, 2019 when the guns, the journals and several of the hunters will reconvene to share the full story of the tour with hunting enthusiasts from across the country.

Dates and locations of each hunt will be announced throughout the coming months as the 2018 waterfowl hunting season begins. Fans can follow the action on Beretta USA’s Instagram and Facebook pages and with the hashtags #A400PlusTT or #berettatribe.

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