Best Slingshot of 2019: The New Pocket Hammer Pro Arrow Kit

The new Pocket Hammer Pro Arrow Kit is the latest iteration in the company’s continuing evolution of the slingshot. The original Pocket Shot was dubbed the “baddest” slingshot on the planet with its innovative circular design; but the new Pocket Hammer Arrow Pro takes outdoor fun to the next level.

The company took the steel frame and handle grip of the Pocket Hammer, which allows for more stability, power and speed, the whisker biscuit for aiming arrows, then added the Pro Arrow Pouch for a more powerful, faster draw. With a 35-lb draw strength, the new Pocket Hammer Pro Arrow allows for unparalleled speed and accuracy. There’s even an available archery release that adds trigger-style functionality to the Pro Pouch and D-Loop for the ultimate archery experience. Arrows fired from the new Pro Arrow will clock in at speeds up to 170FPS, so it’s capable of taking down medium-sized game. 

The Hammer also comes with a rail-mount (Picatinny) at the bottom, allowing accessories such as a flashlight or laser sight to be added. All Pocket Shot products are created and built in the USA.

The Pro Arrow Kit includes:

1 New Pro Arrow Pouch

1 Pocket Hammer

1 Black Arrow cap

3 Arrow pouches

1 Pocket Shot inner ring and cap

4 Nock caps

1 Arrow release trigger (glove)

The Pocket Hammer Pro Arrow Kit is available in Mossy Oak and black colors. It retails for $99 at Samples are available.

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