Beyond Curb Appeal: Why Yards Matter More than Ever Before

Beyond Curb Appeal: Why Yards Matter More than Ever Before

Support the Environment:  Grass plays a vital role in capturing dust, smoke particles, and other pollutants that harm people. Bees, butterflies, bats, birds and other wildlife rely on urban habitats.

Improve Quality of Life: Researchers found that people living in neighborhoods with more birds, shrubs and trees are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress.

Reduce Energy Costs: Planting the right living landscapes makes your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Safe Space for Kids and Pets: Your family yard is your own safe green space to de-stress and relax away from others. Grass is tough enough to handle play from kids and pets, while cushioning falls.

Getting Outside is More Important Than Ever Before

Get Outside: Get your feet in the grass, do yard work, watch the trees and wildlife, and use the yard as a family gathering space and to de-stress.

Expand Yard’s Purpose: Assess these “outdoor living rooms” and play spaces for needed improvements and how they might better support the family’s needs.

Plant Something: Order garden supplies online or have them delivered from your local nursery. Plant for your climate zone and pollinators with a balance of trees, shrubs, grass and flowering plants.

Always Remember: Nature starts at your backdoor. Your yard support birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife with habitat and food.

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