Beyond Food Plots: Boost Your Deer Hunting with Advantage Blinds Strategies

Beyond Food Plots: Boost Your Deer Hunting with Advantage Blinds Strategies

Placing hunting blinds around food plots or agricultural fields is such a tried-and-true tactic in deer hunting that many hunters never consider putting pre-built blinds anywhere else.

That’s a mistake. While hunting food plots is very effective, open feeding areas are not where deer spend most of their time. Advantage Hunting Blinds may have rigid sides and solid roofs, but they offer tremendous flexibility in where and how to hunt a piece of property.

Advantage Hunting Blinds can be placed on the ground or in elevated positions at various heights, depending on which option works best for the habitat being hunted. They offer either a galvanized QuadPod option or a quadpod framing kit (for those who want to customize the height of their blind) for elevating the blind. Advantage blinds come in 2- and 4-man configurations, as well as a Gun/Bow Combo option, so whatever your style of hunting, there’s an Advantage blind perfect for you.

This spring try scouting the cover on the downwind side of food plots that does use during the rut. Bucks “checking” for does do not have to expose themselves in the open if they can cruise downwind of the field. That trail is typically far enough back in the cover that the deer are not visible from the field.

Find staging areas and intersections between heavily-used doe-and-fawn trails and the fainter trials used by bucks, and you’re on your way to having an extremely effective stand site.

Advantage Blinds provide good options for taking advantage of such sites. They can be placed on the ground or in an elevated position, allowing for maximum visibility. The elevated versions do not require you to find the “perfect” tree as you would to set up a climber or strap-on stand. Placing an Advantage Blind allows you to focus on the best location based on wind, cover and concealment.

Finally, Advantage blinds are easy to get in and out of, mask your presence from the deer, and are virtually maintenance free during the season. All of these factors minimize the kinds of disturbances that can scare bucks out of your hunting area.

Like all Advantage Hunting Blinds, there is the option for carpeting to decrease noise, and offers a comfortable, dry place to hunt. If your hunting involves early-season archery and then transition to gun hunting, there’s no better choice than the Bow/Bun combo blind from Advantage.

This spring, make a resolution to re-think your stand site strategy by using Advantage Blinds to put you in places the deer spend time. A little advanced planning now can put bigger bucks in the back of your truck next season.

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