Big & J – Using Trail Cams and Big & J for Offseason Scouting

One of the best ways to scout potential deer hunting areas before and after deer season is to use trail cameras to gather intel. When used in conjunction with attractants, these automatic cameras can provide hunters with critical information on where or (sometimes more importantly) where not to hunt. Cameras are usually placed along known or likely travel routes, often with some attraction or feed to 1) attract more deer and 2) get the deer to linger so the camera can capture good photographs. 

Not all attractants are created equal, and if the old salt lick or sun-baked summer food plot isn’t quite getting it, hunters should consider upping their game by using some of the best attractants and nutritional supplements ever formulated: Big & J. Not only will these attractants pull deer to the camera site, but they’ll also keep ‘em coming back – and most offer nutritional supplements designed to improve deer health and antler size. Long-lasting Cube options are ideal for remote areas which are difficult to access or which hunters do not wish to disturb.

Big & J BB 2™ is a revolutionary long-range attractant that brings in big bucks and keeps deer on your property, all while providing more nutritional value than just about anything else. A proprietary refining process creates its powerful aroma to pull in the deer like a magnet from long distances. Its TDN (total digestible nutrition) level is higher than virtually all premium feeds. This, along with its high protein level, means bucks and does alike will find BB2 irresistible. BB2 can be used to establish travel patterns and help deer become acclimated to your property, attract deer to your camera sites to ensure plenty of good photo ops, and can even bring the big bucks out of hiding during daylight hours. Available in granular form (6-, 20-, or 40-pound bags) or a longer-lasting Cube ideal for camera sites rarely visited in person. 

Big & J HEADRUSH™ combines the long-range attraction and key trace minerals of BB2 with the sure-fire addictive power of salt. Included minerals are all readily digestible and, (true to its name) Headrush also provides calcium to boost antler growth. This superb salt-based supplement is available in 20-pound pails.

Big & J DEADLY DUST™ is perfect for “spicing up” ordinary corn to make it more attractive to deer or can be used on its own as a “super attractant.” Made from real sweet corn – five times sweeter than ordinary field corn! — its pungent aroma will pull deer in from far away and positively drive them wild with its luscious sweet flavor. Hunters who use Deadly Dust attest that it brings in more bucks than regular corn will, and that’s what most deer hunters love to see on their trail cams. Available in 5- and 15-pound bags.

Big & J TO-DIE-FOR™ is made of the same incredibly sweet hybrid corn as Deadly Dust, which pulls in deer from a distance and turns them into addicts of the delicious flavor – and to make it even better, To-Die-For combines this “yum factor” with BB2, which deer crave for its excellent nutritional value and a TDN (total digestible nutrition) higher than most premium feeds. While the great smell and flavor make deer want it, the minerals and nutritional value are what deer need. In this way, To-Die-For is one of the best overall deer feed products for camera scouting, supplemental feeding, and hunting. Available in 5- and 20-pound bags.

Big & J Legit® True Mineral offers an intense apple aroma and flavor that’s well-known to pull in deer and keep them coming back. With high doses of calcium and phosphorus (deficient in most natural habitats) for promoting antler growth, it’s also great for the health of bucks and the overall herd. Legit® includes minerals that are vital for reproductive function and optimal health. Place some Legit® Smart Nuggets (which provide more consistent mineral content in each nugget) in front of your game cams, then sit back and enjoy the view. Available in 5- and 15-pound packs.

Big & J DIG IT™ is such a powerful attractant deer will dig for it. This unique product is activated by water/rain, which triggers the release of vapors to pull in deer from far away. Just the thing for getting great trail cam photos, Dig It™ provides crave-worthy salt as well as Big & J’s bioavailable mineral pack containing zinc, manganese, and copper. Available as a powder and as a premixed liquid.
Experienced hunters know that some deer attractants work better than others. When it comes to scouting with trail cameras, it’s worthwhile to use the best possible products to produce the best possible results – especially if you’re looking to pull in big bucks. And what whitetail hunter doesn’t love a nice big rack?

Big&J makes deer attractants and nutritional supplements to help produce a strong and healthy herd, with vital minerals and nutrients at double the concentration of other protein-based supplements. No artificial flavors or colors are used, and the products can be mixed with food in feeders, or in a direct ground application. Before using any deer attractant or feed, check and follow all local laws and regulations that apply.

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