Big&J® BB2 vs. Corn: What’s the Difference in Benefits to Deer?

When it comes to choosing between a quality attractant and the old go-to corn for attracting deer, the differences are huge. Choose wisely!

Grand Island, NE (May 28, 2019) – When it comes to attracting deer to an area and providing supplemental nutrition to what nature already offers, corn has always been a staple among hunters and land managers. After all, corn as feed, is readily available and reasonably affordable. However, is it your best option if your real goal is to truly benefit whitetail nutrition where you hunt in order to grow bigger deer and continually attract them to known areas where you can set up a stand or a blind? Comparing it to a quality attractant such as BB2 from BigandJ®, the differences become obvious, and suddenly corn alone doesn’t look like the automatic option it may have once been considered.

So, what are some of the key differences to consider between corn and BB2?

CORN – It is a great energy source that is nearly 90 percent digestible by whitetails. It does possess an odor that will attract deer, and thus deer will often select it over other natural feed sources, but it does not have the attractant capability designed into many supplements. Deer require a diet that is at least 16 percent protein. Corn only contains between eight and 10 percent protein. At certain times of the year, natural forage will contain higher percentages of protein, so it doesn’t serve as a supplement nor will it be a deer’s first choice for feeding. Corn is actually very high in starch, which deer not only do not need, but also can be harmful to them in large quantities as it can create acidosis, which can damage a deer’s digestive system.

BB2 – BB2 is formulated specifically to meet the energy needs of whitetails using mainly digestible fiber and just enough starch to maximize digestion without causing acidosis. BB2 contains 110 percent of the energy value of corn alone with a minimum of 18 percent protein. As an attractant, BB2 is developed to have a strong odor to draw deer in from farther away so it easily trumps corn in that department. It is so strong, even humans can smell it as they approach a bait site with BB2, meaning deer can likely smell it from hundreds of yards away. As browsers, whitetails seek out foods that provide the most nutritional benefit by way of providing higher protein and more energy in one location meaning BB2 will always be preferred to mere corn alone.

For more details on the differences between BB2 and corn, read the blog post by Big&J’s ruminant nutritionist, Will Griffin Ph.D., at

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