Big&J: Give Your Bucks a HEADRUSH

Big&J: Give Your Bucks a HEADRUSH

Granular attractant helps whitetail bucks grow bigger racks and healthier bodies and keeps them coming back for more.

Grand Island, NE (March 7, 2019) Two things every private land deer hunter wants are bigger bucks and a way to make sure those bucks stay on the property. That is where Big&J’s Headrush offers the perfect solution that makes growing big deer and keeping them close to your favorite stand easier than ever.

Headrush is a granular product that contains several key trace materials, including zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt, that aids the overall nutritional health of the deer on your property and the development of antlers in bucks. Biological studies suggest manganese plays a much more important role in antler growth and strength than previously understood and it is not always naturally available in some environments. Big&J® took Headrush™ the extra step, however, by not only including these key ingredients whitetail bucks crave and need for antler development, but have made them bioavailable, meaning they are made in a way that allows the body to better absorb them for maximum benefit to the deer.

Big&J also added the powerful, long-range aroma of BB2 to Headrush to make it easier for deer to locate the mineral site where the product is applied. Salt, which deer love, was also added to the mix to help ensure return visits from whitetails as frequently as possible, as was calcium, another nutrient critical to improving antler mass and overall growth but not often naturally found in the environment.

“The bioavailability of Headrush’s key minerals is what makes this product so unique,” says Josh Kinser, marketing director of Big&J. “The body can only absorb a certain amount of minerals from various types of food before the rest is passed through as waste. By making the minerals in Headrush bioavailable, it ensures that more of these important building blocks can be utilized by a buck to enhance antler growth and improve his overall health.”

To create a mineral site, Kinser suggests raking a small area clear of leaves and debris and simply pouring Headrush out onto the bare soil. It can also be mixed with corn or other nutritional foods deer eat. He suggests placing them near known water sources.

“By creating a mineral site near a water source deer use makes it easier for them to find it and use over and over since they would come to that location anyway,” Kinser says. Headrush™ is available in an easy-to-carry 3-pound bucket and retails for $24.99.

Big&J makes deer attractants and nutritional supplements to help produce a strong and healthy herd, with vital minerals and nutrients at double the concentration of other protein-based supplements. No artificial flavors or colors are used, and the products can be mixed with food in feeders, or in a direct ground application. Before using any deer attractant or feed, check and follow all local laws and regulations that apply.

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