Big&J®: Hog Hunting 101

Want to score big on giant tuskers, try these tips when using Big&J’s Pigs-Dig-It™for maximum hunting success.

Grand Island, NE (April 11, 2019) – Whether wild hogs are a scourge of nature or a worthy adventure, one thing is clear, their rapid expansion into more areas throughout the South and Midwest is translating into a tasty hunting opportunity that millions of hunters are only too happy to take advantage of. Not limited to season dates or bag limits in most areas and huntable day or night, hogs can be a lot of fun to hunt. Hogs hunting gives a great year-round opportunity to enjoy quality hunting while, at the same time, helping landowners reduce damage to their property.

To make the most of your hunts and improve your odds of scoring big when you hit the woods in search of trophy tuskers, Big&J® offers the following tips on creating productive bait sites.

  • Use Big&J® Pigs-Dig-It to create the perfect bait site that will pull hogs in and give you the perfect place to focus your hunting efforts. Pigs-Dig-It is a granular attractant designed to simply pour onto the ground where it can cast out a super strong aroma of old, stinky cheese that wild hogs absolutely love.
  • While a property may be overrun by hogs and they can be found virtually anywhere, you still want to focus your efforts and your bait sites in areas where hogs are most likely to travel or root around. Look for worn trails marked by tracks, rooted up dirt and leaves and areas near water where hogs might like to wallow to create your bait site.
  • Locate bait sights in areas that will get plenty of air circulation. The farther the scent can travel on the air, the more likely it is to cast the smell out far enough to draw hogs in.
  • Creating a bait site with Pigs-Dig-It is as simple as pouring the granular attractant on the ground and hunting over it. Want to increase the odds of hogs hanging out a little longer? Clear the soil and work some of the attractant into the dirt with a rake or your foot so hogs locating the area will root around more to get at the bait.
  • Be ready to shoot when hogs roll into the area. Wild pigs don’t generally lounge in one spot for long as they often roam and feed on the move. Big&J’s Josh Kinser says a group of sows and piglets may only hang out as little as three minutes. If a group wanders into your bait site, try to pick one out and take the shot as soon as you can.  
  • Set up in a stand or blind downwind from a bait site so feeding hogs don’t wind you. Wild hogs have a keen sense of smell and it’s their best defense against predators.  

“Creating bait sites for hogs can be a little like fishing,” Kinser says. “You’re not going to catch a fish every time you cast a line just like hogs aren’t always going to come running into bait. But just like using the right lure, using Pigs-Dig-It for your bait sites definitely improves your odds by adding a powerful scent that any hogs roaming the area will smell and follow in providing the hunter with a great shot opportunity.”

Pigs-Dig-It is available in 5-pound bags that retail for only $10.99 each.

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