Big&J: Long Distance Attraction and Nutrition

Big&J: Long Distance Attraction and Nutrition

Big&J wild game attractants have a large and dedicated following thanks to their extreme effectiveness in the field. No other attractants offer Big&J’s exclusive proprietary refining process that creates our super-strong and long-lasting aromas deer can’t resist.

In addition to unrivaled attraction power, Big&J products like BB2, The Cube, To-Die-For, Legit and Meltdown offer real nutrition benefits that help deer reach their full potential.

Big&J products like BB2 offer a higher total digestible nutrition level – we call it TDN – than virtually all premium feed products. One of the biggest limitations in helping whitetails boost their nutrition intake is they only benefit from a small percentage of the nutrients available in their food. The high TDN of Big&J attractants means bucks get more nutrition than they would with other feed products.

A positive aspect of attracting and feeding deer is they tend to crave things that are high in nutritious value. BB2, The Cube and To-Die-For are packed with protein, making bucks crave what their noses and taste buds already want. For us, it would be like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that are actually good for you!

In addition to protein-rich attractants, Big&J also offers the same deer-pulling power in our Legit and Meltdown mineral-based products. Packed with antler-growing minerals like calcium and phosphorus, Legit and Meltdown are less than 1% salt, meaning there’s a lot more of what deer need, and a lot less of what they don’t. In short, Legit and Meltdown are true nutrition boosters and not just glorified salt licks.

So why is it so important to Big&J to offer real nutrition benefits in addition to being the most appealing and long-distance attractants?

As conservationists, we have a responsibility to the game we hunt. At Big&J, we strive to offer products that not only pull deer in, but also leave them better off. Better nutrition leads to stronger, healthier deer – and maybe even a few more big bucks!

And that’s the real Big&J advantage.

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Big&J makes deer attractants and nutritional supplements to help produce a strong and healthy herd, with vital minerals and nutrients at double the concentration of other protein-based supplements. No artificial flavors or colors are used, and the products can be mixed with food in feeders, or in a direct ground application. Before using any deer attractant or feed, check and follow all local laws and regulations that apply.

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