Big&J VS the Competitor

In the deer hunting industry, Big and J have quickly become a favorite amongst hunters searching for feed attractants, minerals and a system to improve the overall health of their deer herd and, of course, to grow bigger bucks.

Big and J Industries are the makers of the popular long-range attractant BB2, a high protein-based feed that is easily digestible and has a unique smell that attracts deer from long-range. Big and J also makes a feed additive named Deadly Dust, and they have quality mineral products such as Headrush and Legit. 

Continue reading below to learn why, with a market full of companies offering different types of feeds, nutritional supplements, and minerals, Big and J continues to be the preferred choice for so many hunters. 


Available in original BB2, and Apple BB2
BB2 comes in 6lb, 20lb, or 40lb bags

BB2 is formulated to meet the energy requirements of deer using mainly digestible fiber rather than starch. BB2 is not only distinctive but also better than regular corn or competitors’ feeds. There is starch in BB2; because a certain amount of starch in a deer’s diet is needed. BB2 has been formulated to meet the starch requirement without causing acidosis. BB2 contains highly digestible fiber and the right amount of starch compared to corn or other feeds. BB2 is scientifically proven to have more excellent digestibility.  The protein content of BB2 is greater than corn and many other types of feeds on the market, measuring at least 18%. 

Another advantage over competitors is the attracting power of BB2. The aroma is super strong. The range is super long. Deer can smell BB2 from longer distances, attracting more deer than other brands.


Available in 20lb buckets

Headrush is a product that will aid in adding inches of bone, and the aroma and flavor will mess with their minds. Headrush contains multiple key trace minerals, such as zinc, copper, manganese (what antlered animals need), and cobalt. Compared to other minerals on the market, Headrush contains bioavailable minerals that the animal readily absorbs instead of excreting.

Headrush is a salt-based product that deer eat year-round, having more of a draw because deer have a natural taste for salt. Like BB2, the smell is super strong and attracts deer from greater distances. 

Deadly Dust

Available in 5lb and 15lb bags

Humans do not like to eat the same thing every day – Deer are no different. Need to spice things up at the feeders? Deadly Dust is the answer. Deadly Dust is a sweet corn-based product that is ideal for adding to existing feeds. Deadly Dust contains 10% protein and has 90% digestible energy, is better than corn, and excellent for deer, instead of just another sweet-smelling additive like competitors’ products. When feeders need a boost, sweeten them up with Deadly Dust to keep deer interested in the feeding program.

Big&J makes deer attractants and nutritional supplements to help produce a strong and healthy herd, with vital minerals and nutrients at double the concentration of other protein-based supplements. No artificial flavors or colors are used, and the products can be mixed with food in feeders, or in a direct ground application. Before using any deer attractant or feed, check and follow all local laws and regulations that apply.

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