BINO DOCK Turn any cupholder into a binocular holder

BINO DOCK Turn any cupholder into a binocular holder

If you use binoculars for business or pleasure, you know that traveling with them can present problems. They slide off the seat or across the dash and go crashing onto the floor or worse, out of the vehicle! That’s where the patent pending BINODOCK™ comes to the rescue! The base snugly fits in cupholders of all sizes and the head adjusts so that you can still access the other cupholders or avoid vehicle gear-shifts. It keeps your binoculars safe and secure when traveling over rough terrain or waters, yet ready-in-an-instant. No more damaged or disappearing optics when you use the BINO DOCK.

The BINO DOCK protects your expensive binoculars from damage by securing them in a safe place. The BINO DOCK fits all brands of roof-prism binoculars with up to 56mm objective lenses.

The BINO DOCK rail system allows the holder to slide onto the base so it won’t interfere with other objects or restrict the use of other cupholders. Three thick, rubber bands are included to place on the BINO DOCK base as needed allowing for a more secure and tighter fit in larger cupholders.

An adjustable, removable rubber strap is included to provide an extra measure of safety when traveling over rough roads or waters to keep your binoculars secure. A wrench is supplied to adjust and tighten the set screws (on both sides of the base) which help keep the holder secure once it is in the desired position.

Use the BINO DOCK IN trucks, cars, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs, boats, tractors, stadium seats, etc. At a price of $49.99, it is the perfect gift for hunters, bird watchers, boaters, campers, farmers, ranchers, as well as those in law enforcement or the forestry service.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL! Free gift bag with every purchase of a BINO DOCK or a BUDDY DOCK! This gift bag features a drawstring closure and can be worn as a backpack or thrown over your shoulder. It’s perfect for transporting your BINO DOCK or BUDDY DOCK or use it in your vehicle to hide your binoculars or personal items from prying eyes. It’s also a great way to wrap the perfect gift for that special someone in your life!  (Offer good while supplies last.)

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