Blake Alma Interview

Blake Alma

When I first heard about Blake Alma, I really did not know what to think about this young man.  A friend mentioned his name to me and told me to look him up.  I did and everytime I hear him on the radio, on a podcast, talk with him, see his videos, or read his writing, I am impressed with him.

Blake Alma is an award-winning writer and a published author. He is also the founder/managing editor at The Art of an Outdoorsman and editor-in-chief at Survivalist Daily. He is only 16-years-old! Blake began writing at the age of 7 and he published his first book, The Outdoorsmen Bible, at the age of 14. Blake loves the outdoors and its Creator like none other. Every day he tries to find ways to make the outdoors more enjoyable in this world of technology and distractions. He shares the wonders and pursuits of the outdoors through his writing, websites, videos, and TV & radio show. Blake is the host of The Outdoorsman’s Art Radio Show and The Outdoor Experience on Hunt Channel. Some of Blake’s favorite outdoor activities include survival, trapping, hunting, fishing, and camping.

Blake, you are 16 years old, you are a television host, radio host, author, writer, blogger, outdoorsman and hunter.  How did you become so passionate about the outdoors?

We are in a new world of technology and video games. I have found, because of my own life, that the outdoors literally changes one’s lifestyle. It not only brought me happiness and joy, it also provided me other things, like physical exercise, a more positive lifestyle, it draws me closer to more important things in life, and it even provided me an income. Hence, I decided that I could not keep this secret to myself. I found that by using technology and internet, I could promote the outdoors to my generation. Since my generation loves the internet why not use the internet to introduce them to the outdoors? Everything that I do to promote the outdoors is on the internet. My TV show, two outdoor media websites, my radio show on 19 online platforms, my 6 books are on ebook, and my freelance articles are online too.



How did you get into hunting?

Back in Summer of 2013, I went to a teen camp and at the camp, they had boy’s swim time. Well, I really didn’t like to swim too much, hence I decided not to go. A teen camp counselor, Bryan May, pulled me aside and asked me did I want to go down to the creek with him and fish. I was like “sure.” It wasn’t my first time fishing, but it was my first time really enjoying the outdoors. We pulled out tons of fish. We were fishing all that week and it was truly awesome! Ever since, my love for the outdoors has always been growing.



You have now written 4 books on hunting, trapping and survival.  What are your plans going forward?

I enjoy developing and writing book ideas when I have a free time. I currently have no plans for my next book, but I know for a fact I will come up with something soon.


You have a radio show which you host with Eli Gourdin and Alli Armstrong.  Tell us a little about the show and what you cover.

The Outdoorsman’s Art Radio Show aired on May 31st, 2016 for the first time on WRVO Radio. We are no longer on WRVO but we are now available on 19 platforms. The show is an outdoor talk show and we have a guest or two on nearly every show. We interview them and talk outdoors.


Tell us about The Outdoor Experience on the Hunt Channel?

In April of 2017, I thought it would be awesome for the outdoor industry to have an outdoor talk TV show, something kinda like Sportscenter for outdoorsmen. I pitched my idea to Hunt Channel and they loved it. The show premiered on Monday, May 22nd at 10 PM ET and has aired every Monday since then.


What are you hoping to convey to viewers when they see your show?

Well, this may sound like a “no duh!” but I want them to get that outdoor experience. With they listen or watch my talk shows, I want folks to gather information about the outdoor from the guest that appear on the show. I want them to take new thought about the outdoors.


A lot of young kids are beginning to look up to you.  What advice would you give to our young readers looking to get into the outdoors?

First off, anyone can do what I do, one would just have to spend the time to accomplish it. And it takes a lot and a lot of time, only time that a teenager would have time to do. We teenagers spend a lot time on things that don’t really matter like video games and such. So, I decided to take my video game and invests it into something that will matter later on in life.


How can people find you online and on social media?

People can check out my website at People can follow me at Survivalist Daily on Facebook or on Instagram as Blake Alma.


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