Bloodsport Beats all Comers in Head-to-head Hybrid Test

The Gravedigger was the only broadhead tested to achieve excellent or very good rankings for all testing criteria.

Outdoor Life editors put five of the best hybrid broadheads to the test, and Bloodsport’s Gravedigger came out on top.

Five broadheads were tested and ranked based on accuracy, bleed-out, consistency, cutting potential, penetration and sharpness. Other factors included ease of use and value. Accuracy was tested in 3-shot groups at distances of 25 and 40 yards. The bleed-out test paired water-filled milk jugs with a stopwatch. Then, using a precision scale, each broadhead was weighed for consistency between heads, while cutting potential was determined by adding together every possible 1/8 inch of cutting surface on each head. A steel-belted radial tire was used for penetration testing, and sharpness was evaluated with a trio of slicing challenges: taut rubber bands, arm hair, and paper.

The Gravedigger was the only broadhead tested to achieve excellent or very good rankings for all testing criteria. “The Gravedigger flew well and the blades were sharp. Consistency between each head was excellent,” Tony Hansen of Outdoor Life said. Bloodsport was the clear winner in consistency, penetration and bleed-out time. At the end of the day, these factors are what matter most to bowhunters.

Pete Angle, VP of Marketing for Plano Synergy said Bloodsport is extremely pleased that its Gravedigger broadhead came out on top.

“We are thrilled that leading authorities in the outdoor industry acknowledge the quality, innovative technology, and advanced design incorporated into the Gravedigger broadhead,” Angle said. “We pride ourselves on producing the sharpest, most reliable broadheads on the market, and we appreciate that Outdoor Life recognizes our efforts.”

For each issue of Outdoor Life, the magazine’s experts go in-depth to provide readers with accurate and unbiased assessments on hunting, fishing, and outdoor-related gear on the market. Outdoor Life’s experts base the results on a series of scores each item receives for various categories during a specially designed and thorough testing process. Following the tests, the scores are tallied and the top product is deemed the best. Going one step further, Outdoor Life also considers the costs of the products to determine which offer the most bang for the buck.

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