BLR-16 Gen 2 Rifle is the Ideal AR15

BLR-16 Gen 2 Rifle   is the Ideal AR15

Boise, Idaho (September 4, 2018) – The Gen 1 BLR-16 series rifles blew away the market, creating a new standard for a lightweight, high performance AR15. The BLR-16 Gen 2 features key refinements that make this rifle even better. It’s all in the engineering details and the incredible machining processes that make a high-tech rifle of this nature possible.

2A Armament enhanced the hand guards and receiver set while adding new components to round out the perfect AR15. It uses the Gen 2 upper and lower receivers with CNC machined 7075-T16 billet and a 2A bolt and full mass carrier with an 8620 machined body and 9310 machined bolt. The machining processes used are the most advanced and precise, creating a consistent and exceptionally durable end product.

The accessories really add tactical performance value to the BLR-16 Gen 2. The handguard is 15″ 6061 extruded BL G2-Rail in M-LOK or KEYMod. The muzzle device is a 2A titanium T3 compensator and the stock grip is a favorite Mission First Minimalist design. The ALG-ACT trigger group also has an optional light or heavy hammer spring. The light spring is perfect for shooters wanting a light, sensitive trigger for tactical use. A heavy hammer spring is ideal for long scopes and distance precision.

At an amazing 5-pounds, you won’t find a lighter rifle that still packs a punch and outperforms those with more weight. That was not a typo, it weighs 5-pounds! The BLR-16 Gen 2 is easy to handle and a joy to shoot.

Key BLR-16 Gen 2 Rifle Features:

  • A BALIOS LITE GEN 2 LOWER RECEIVER – CNC machined 7075-T6 billet with flared mag-well, hard coat type-III anodized, rear tensioning screw, rear takedown spring retainer, screw in bolt catch pin.
  • 2A BALIOS LITE GEN 2 UPPER RECEIVER – CNC machined 7075-T6 billet “slick side” mil-spec port door, retained port door rod, M-4 feed ramps, machined indexing marks.
  • 2A BOLT AND FULL MASS CARRIER – 8620 machined body with QPQ process, 9310 machined bolt, cryogenically treated, MPT, QPQ process
  • 2A BARREL – 16″ Pencil profile, 416-R stainless steel, mid-length gas system, 5.56 NATO spec chamber, 1 in 8 twist, 1/2×28 thread, QPQ process, titanium gas block.
  • 2A RECEIVER EXTENSION – 2A Armament buffer tube and 2A latch plate, standard H-Buffer.
  • 2A HANDGUARD – 2A Armament 15″ 6061 extruded BL G2-RAIL, M-LOK, or KeyMod, titanium barrel nut.
  • 2A MUZZLE DEVICE – 2A Titanium T3 compensator.
  • STOCK/GRIP – MAGPUL MIAD Grip, Mission First minimalist stock.
  • LOWER PARTS – 2A magazine catch, 2A through drilled titanium takedown pins, Mil-spec safety and bolt catch.
  • TRIGGER – ALG-ACT trigger group with optional light or heavy hammer spring.
  • WEIGHT – 5.0 pounds based on options.
  • Ships with one MAGPUL P-MAG and die cut foam box
  • Product of the Great State of Idaho, MADE IN THE U.S.A.

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