Boyds Gunstocks Industries, Inc., now under new ownership

Boyds Gunstocks Industries in Mitchell, South Dakota, is proud to announce that as of January 2, 2020, ownership of Boyds Gunstocks has been passed on to two trusted, long-time employees, Dustin Knutson, who has been operating Boyds Gunstocks as general manager for the past several years, and Rob Carstensen, Boyds’ Sales Manager.  

Randy Boyd started Boyds Gunstocks back in 1981.  He worked tirelessly since that time growing and building the business to what it is today:  Several plant expansions and over 100 employees in size, Boyds now dominates the aftermarket wood gunstock industry by providing the largest selection of gunstocks to hundreds of gun brands and thousands of gun models worldwide.

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Dustin Knutson has been working at Boyds since 2006 and has been a key player in implementing production and manufacturing changes to help make Boyds more efficient so that it can deliver its high-quality stocks to customers faster than before.  “Boyds is a well-oiled machine,” one employee remarked; “it’s never worked better than it has today, thanks to our management.” Rob Carstensen began working at Boyds in 2010. His manufacturing knowledge and engineering ability play an integral role in developing innovative products that Boyds is known for while growing relationships with customers from around the world. 

Dustin and Rob are dedicated to the continued growth of Boyds Gunstocks by providing more gunstock designs and improved methods of manufacturing in an effort to continue to keep the Boyds Gunstocks products affordable to everyone.

Dustin Knutson has stated, “Nothing will change; we will continue onward and upward, committed to providing the best gunstocks to our customers that money can buy!”  

Boyds is located in Mitchell, South Dakota and delivers gunstocks worldwide. Boyds Gunstocks products can be purchased through dealers or directly from Boyds at .