Boyds Gunstocks’ New Ultra-Affordable Spike Camp Hardwood Replacement Stock

Boyds Gunstocks, the South Dakota-based hardwood gunstock manufacturer, introduces its new thumbhole stock for 2020!  Called Spike CampTM  this new thumbhole gunstock shape is designed with simplicity in mind.  

Starting at around $100, the Spike CampTM   is “The Essentials-Only” gunstock.  Aptly named, this thumbhole gunstock keeps it simple:  It is lightweight at just 2.5 lbs. and has a large ergonomically-designed thumbhole that is super-comfortable in your hands.  It features a short Monte Carlo style comb to provide a proper cheek weld, two sling studs for sling attachment, and a free-floated barrel channel for better accuracy.  For options, you get only the essentials: your choice of color, finish, and optional aluminum pillar bedding. For those who want a full 1-inch recoil pad, you can order an upgrade (must be purchased separately).  

One interesting fact about traditional spike camps in the backcountry is that they are a strategic necessity to tipping the odds in your favor and allowing you to do more with less.  And that’s just what Boyds’ Spike CampTM  does; it does more with less – less weight, and fewer options – just the essentials.  You get a comfortable, lightweight, essentials-only stock; the performance of a free-floated barrel; you get standard sling studs; and best of all, you get a thumbhole grip that puts your hand at just the right position and comfort level.  Boyds’ Spike CampTM  gives you everything you need to achieve success, and we do it with less.  

The Spike CampTM   is available in all 13 of Boyds’ color combinations and is available right now, as of January 13, 2020!

As with all Boyds gunstocks, the Spike CampTM  is constructed of top-grade premium laminated hardwood that is dried to exacting specifications to ensure rigidity and stability, and then sealed with a strong, beautiful finish that is chemical-resistant for long-lasting durability in all weather conditions.

See Boyds’ new Spike CampTM   Thumbhole stock here: