Bradley’s Catfish Bubble Gum joins the Ridge Road Outdoor Marketplace & Order Fulfillment Center

Rushford, MN – Bradley’s Catfish Bubble Gum joins the Ridge Road Outdoor Marketplace & Order Fulfillment Center to expand their reach and sales.

Bradley’s Catfish Bubblegum is the best no stink fish bait on the market. Made from fresh ingredients (not moldy cheese or rotten meat like other stink baits), Catfish Bubblegum won’t leave your hands smelling like roadkill.

This homemade fish bait was created by professional fishing guide, Bradley Doyle. Originally made for use during Bradley’s guide service, Catfish Bubblegum has become a crowd favorite across the nation for its pleasant scent, easy baiting and well… catching lots of fish fast.

How Bradley’s Catfish Bubble Gum Got Started….
In 2015, Bradley Doyle bought a boat. Little did he know that 3 days later he would be laid off from his position in the oil industry. With a new boat and the need for a job, Brad turned his passion for fishing into a career. Brad has gone from unemployed to hosting fishing guides, to even catching a “Monster Catfish” weighing in at a whopping record breaking 67 lbs! Brad is a tournament angler for Gone Fishing Pro on the Pursuit Channel and his catches have been featured on the Houston news on several occasions. He recorded local radio fishing reports for about a year and now does a weekly interview with Luke Clayton nationwide on Catfish Radio.
Brad makes his own Catfish Bubblegum – No Stink Bait! Brad composed this concoction out of household foods and spices from his kitchen. Catfish Bubblegum is just as, if not more, successful than its competitors. The smell is what really sets it apart from the others. IT DOESN’T STINK!!! His bait is currently available online and at participating bait shops.
Bradley’s Catfish Bubble Gum is now available through and available to all Ridge Road Outdoors Country Club members at special membership savings. Checkout their brand showcase on

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