Brady Ellison Makes History with X7 Arrows at 2020 Vegas Shoot

February 9, 2020—Las Vegas, Nevada—In what he calls “the most important thing I’ve ever done,” Brady Ellison shot an unprecedented 900-point perfect score at the Vegas Shoot with his Easton Eclipse X7 arrows.  This incredible achievement, matching and even exceeding some scores that were shot by the top compound competitors, came as Brady is ramping up toward representing the United States at the Tokyo Olympic games. Using the Eclipse 2512 size, one of the most accurate and winning arrows ever developed, Ellison shot a perfect 300 on three consecutive days to clinch the Vegas title. Ellison, who holds the World Archery indoor world record of 599 of a possible 600, described it as the most significant thing he feels he has ever done, eclipsing even his world championship victory and Olympic medals. Ellison’s achievement cements an incredible, unprecedented achievement in the 54-year history of the biggest shoot in archery and sets a new benchmark that may possibly define a new level of precision archery performance. The Easton X7 line includes the Eclipse, X23’s, X27’s and the new RX7 models—all made in Easton’s Utah manufacturing facility.