BT65SB Big Bore Carnivore from HatsanUSA, Inc.

BT65SB Big Bore Carnivore from HatsanUSA, Inc.

The BT65 airgun is now available in .30 and .35 caliber.

Bentonville, AR (June 23, 2019) – For large bodied game animals, you need a large-caliber airgun with plenty of stopping power, which is exactly what you get with HatsanUSA’s BT65 Big Bore Carnivore. Available in .30 and .35 caliber, the Big Bore Carnivore delivers up to 95 FPE in the larger chambering and 75 FPE in the smaller. The airgun is also capable of sending a lead pellet downrange at up to 860 FPS, making it the ideal choice for hunters.

With a 255cc storage volume, the Big Bore Carnivore offers 21 shots at an optimal velocity in .30 caliber, or 12 shots in .35 caliber. A detachable cylinder features a built-in gauge equipped for 3,000 PSI (200 BAR), while the airgun utilizes a Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) side bolt action for multi-shot capabilities. A QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel and Integrated Sound Moderator makes the Carnivore 50% quieter, allowing for fast follow-up shots on game.

The Big Bore Carnivore is also designed for optimal accuracy, something every shooter can appreciate. The airgun features a Quattro two-stage, fully adjustable match trigger for a crisp, clean break and phenomenal downrange accuracy. The airgun is also optic-ready with a scope rail that accommodates 11mm dovetail and 22mm Weaver mounts. The buttstock employs an elevation adjustable comb and an adjustable length of pull and fit angle. A rubber buttpad makes for comfortable all-day shooting.

Built for the hunt, the Carnivore comes with two detachable magazines of either seven (.30) or six rounds (.35). An anti-double-pellet-feed mechanism keeps more than one pellet from loading into the barrel at a time, giving shooters the dependability they need. Weighing just 9.7 pounds with a barrel length of 48.8 inches, the Big Bore Carnivore is nimble enough to carry afield, yet heavy enough to stabilize in windy conditions. Likewise, the airgun is engineered with an Anti-Knock System to prevent gas from being wasted when the rifle is being lugged through open country. Capable of conquering the elements, the Carnivore features a blued finish and black anodized receiver, as well as soft rubber inlays on the advanced polymer synthetic forend for ideal control and feel in any weather.

The Big Bore Carnivore comes with a Hatsan sling and sling swivel stud mounts, as well as a manual and automatic safety. The airgun includes a quick-fill nozzle and air cylinder discharging cap, making air management as simple as possible. The Carnivore features an Easy Read pressure gauge for convenience and ease of use.

Big Bore Carnivore Features:

  • Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) side bolt action
  • Available in .30 or .35 caliber
  • Manual and automatic safety
  • QuietEnergy shroud with integrated sound moderator
  • Soft rubber inlays on advanced polymer synthetic stock
  • Elevation adjustable comb, adjustable butt pad
  • Detachable 6 or 7 round magazine
  • Quattro two-stage match trigger, gold plated
  • Patented anti-knock system prevents gas wastage when the rifle is knocked or bounced

Big Bore Carnivore Specifications:

  • .30 Cal – 860 FPS Lead, 75 FPE, 7-Shot Magazine, 21 shots/Fill
  • .35 Cal – 730 FPS Lead, 95 FPE, 6-Shot Magazine, 14 Shots/Fill
  • Air Storage Volume: 255cc
  • Max Fill Pressure: 200 BAR
  • Overall Length: 48.8 in.
  • Barrel Length: 23 in.
  • Weight: 9.7 lbs.

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