Buddy Piland with Ozonics Hunting

Buddy Piland with Ozonics Hunting

download-1Q: Tell us about who you are:

My name is Buddy Piland, and I’m the Vice President of Marketing for Ozonics, the Industry Leader in Scent Elimination. I’m married to my beautiful wife of 20 years, Kim. I have three amazing children and three grandchildren I adore. I’m passionate about bowhunting and business, and I love the parallel challenges that both provide.


Q: How did you first get into hunting (or the hunting industry), and who influenced you?

I got into hunting “late” by most hunting standards: I was 29 years old and my great buddy and fishing partner, Luke, and I decided we wanted to learn to duck hunt. We purchased some shotguns and a couple of books and started chasing ducks and geese along the Texas Gulf coast. This opened the door for me into the hunting world, and in 2002 I purchased my first bow, a used Whitetail 2—and the rest is history.


Q: Tell us about your most memorable hunt:

This is a tough question because I’ve had so many hunts that are memorable in different ways. But if I must choose one, I would choose the hunt during which I tagged my first buck ever, taken in 2007 near Uvalde, Texas, surrounded by four of my closest friends.


I hunted hard for nearly five full seasons, unable to take a buck with my bow. In October of 2007, while field-testing the Ozonics first production machine, the HR100, I was in a ground blind hunting over a food plot where a young management 8-point was identified as a shooter.


This would be one of the first live hunts using oxidation technology as the sole method of scent management. All our stand locations were deliberately set up to fail—in other words, we set them up to ensure the deer or hogs, if they showed up, would be downwind of our position. This was and still is how we field test our products.


About 20 minutes after getting settled, in walks the target buck—straight downwind at 12 yards, with no clue I was in the area. I arrowed him 30 seconds later, and just like that I had taken my first whitetail buck. And as a bonus, as far as I’m aware, it was the first animal ever taken using ozone or oxidation technology. To top it off, being surrounded with my closest friends when I finally took my first buck was priceless and makes this hunt my most memorable.


downloadQ: How does Ozonics work? What exactly is ozone? Is it safe?

I thinks it’s very important to note that ozone isn’t new—it’s been in our world literally forever. In fact, Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule created in one of two ways: When lightning passes through the air, the electric current produced passes through and fractures the oxygen to create ozone. Or, oxygen in the presence of 185 nm UV light creates ozone. Both methods separate the oxygen molecule to form ozone.


From a safety perspective, the U.S. government performs tests and develops safety standards for numerous materials and compounds—including ozone—and approves them as safe for human use. Ozonics designs, builds and tests its products to meet or exceed federal safety standards put in place by the U.S. government when used properly used both outdoors and in confined spaces, such as a ground blind.


When properly set up—in an open-air environment such as a treestand, or in a ground blind—you should not smell ozone. When using an Ozonics, it’s not uncommon to smell ozone occasionally … rarely … as the wind varies and swirls, but if you smell it often, the wind has switched and you need to augment your setup accordingly. You always want to focus the concentration of ozone on the downwind side of your setup, forcing the ozone to attack your human odor as quickly as possible as it leaves your body—not the odor directly on your body.


In short, when your HR Unit is set up correctly, you will not be exposed to ozone except when the wind shifts—and this is an indication to adjust or modify your setup.


Everything required to generate ozone is contained in the unit itself—you don’t need to add any powder or liquid. As long as you have a charged battery and the unit is on, it’s producing ozone. Ozonics utilizes a process called the corona discharge method to create ozone, which is the same method lightning uses to create ozone naturally. In an Ozonics Unit, oxygen from the air is pulled into the unit and forced between high-voltage plates to simulate the corona discharge method. The oxygen (O2) is broken apart and recombines to form ozone (O3). The ozone is then dispersed from the front of the Unit with a whisper-quiet internal fan.


Q: How do I make Ozonics work for my style of hunting?

We offer both active scent control platforms and passive scent control platforms to address any style of hunting. In fact, when you use both active and passive methods, your success will improve dramatically. Whether you’re on the move or hunting from a static location, Ozonics provides optimized ozone delivery platforms to ensure you have the most effective scent elimination and scent management tools at your disposal. Here’s a brief description regarding how to set up your HR Unit both in a treestand and in a ground blind.


Using Ozonics From A Treestand:

Buddy Piland with OzonicsOzonics HR300 and HR200 Units feature two modes for in-the-field use: Standard and Boost mode. Boost mode was specifically created to maximize ozone output for open-air environments such as a treestand, spot-and-stalk or hunting from the ground.

  • Mount your Ozonics HR Unit 8-12 inches above your head.
  • Under average wind conditions (3-12 MPH), adjust the HR Unit by pointing it downward at a 30-degree angle.
  • It’s critical that the front face of the unit always points in the direction the wind is blowing (downwind). This directs the heavier ozone molecules to fall into your scent stream being carried by the wind, altering and destroying your odor in the process.
  • To achieve the best results, you should be adjusting your HR unit as necessary or “chasing the wind” throughout your hunt to always point directly down wind.
  • This will flood your scent zone with a concentrated stream of ozone, maximizing the amount of time the ozone has to interact with your scent molecules (odor being released into the air stream by you), and maximizing the amount of ozone that attacks those same molecules.
  • In high-wind situations (greater than 12 MPH,) increase effectiveness by bringing your HR Unit in closer to your body/scent profile, and position it at a sharper downward angle (75-80 degrees) this aids in forcing the ozone into the airstream closest to the downside of your body before your concentration of ozone can be diluted by the higher winds.
  • In low or no wind, maximize effectiveness by angling your HR Unit down at a steeper angle (up to 90 degrees—or straight down—depending on wind speed), to chase your scent molecules as they fall directly below you. Take care to concentrate ozone as close to your setup as possible without showering the ozone directly on you and wasting it.



Using Ozonics From A Ground Blind:

Use of an Ozonics HR Unit in a blind is an incredibly effective method of scent elimination with the proper setup. By manipulating the window openings, you can direct and control airflow, and ultimately scent and ozone flow. In so doing, you are able to hyper-ozonate any air that is leaving the blind, maximizing the amount of time the ozone has to interact with your scent molecules and maximize the amount of ozone that attacks those same molecules (time + concentration = success), thus maximizing your scent elimination.

  • Determine wind direction
  • Create a small opening in the window on the side the wind is coming from. This will let air into the blind and is the starting point for creating and controlling your airflow.
  • Create a small window opening on the opposite side of the blind and lower if possible. This will create a chimney effect, where the air will come in on one side of the blind and be forced to exit out the other side the blind.
  • Position your Ozonics unit above the downwind or exit window opening. For hub-style pop-up blinds, utilize the specially designed Ozonics Blind Clip.
  • Point the unit downward and directly toward the exit window opening. The airflow will be restricted and force your scent and the ozone out of the blind. This process is called hyper-ozonation, and as the concentrated ozone contacts your scent as they leave the blind together, it destroys, alters or renders your odor indistinguishable.


kenetic-2016Ozonics also offers the Kinetic pack, which allows hunters on the move—whether spot-and-stalk hunting, or while walking to/from a treestand or while checking trail cameras—the ability to utilize their HR200 or HR300 every second of their hunt … from the moment they leave the truck, until they return.



Q: What are the differences between active and passive scent control?

Active scent control is classified as the ability to actively eliminate, reduce or alter your human odor while you’re in the field through the use of oxidation technology as produced by the Ozonics HR300 and HR200 in-the-field ozone generators. No other company or product offers active scent control.


On the contrary, passive scent control is defined as products and techniques utilized to eliminate, reduce or alter your human odor prior to the hunt but begin to lose effectiveness immediately upon stopping treatment. Carbon suits and scent-killing sprays are examples. At Ozonics, we offer the DRiWASH Bag in conjunction with the DRiWASH mode on the HR300 to use ozone to de-odorize and “cleanse” your hunting clothing and gear prior to the hunt.


Ozonics DriWash BagQ: Can Ozonics deodorize my hunting gear?

Absolutely! Ozone is a well-known and proven deodorizer and sanitizer, and it can be used for de-scenting clothing and other gear as a form of passive scent control. The Ozonics DRiWASH bag is designed specifically for using ozone generated by an Ozonics HR Units to deodorize your hunting clothing and other gear. The Ozonics HR300 features an automated, 10-minute DRiWASH cycle, providing care free, one-touch operation. The HR200, requires, a more hands on, 20-minute manual process when used with the DRiWASH bag. When the DRiWASH bag is used with either Ozonics HR Unit, you can effectively deodorize your hunting clothing and gear no matter where you are.


Q: Any other points of interest/Ozonics features you’d like to talk about?

Ozonics asserts that the most effective form of scent elimination is through active scent control—using your Ozonics unit in the field while you’re hunting to continuously eliminate, alter and reduce your odor to levels where it is no longer perceived as a threat by the animals you hunt. There is no better method or product for controlling your scent—period.


Using your DRiWASH system prior to the hunt and your Ozonics Unit during the hunt will maximize the use and effectiveness of ozone, providing you with the most effective scent management system in the industry today.